Kim Soo Hyun’s Movie ‘Real’ All Casts Revealed


The new movie — Real (리얼), starring Kim Soo Hyun and other cast members are now revealed in today’s start of filming praying ceremony. The movie is set to officially begin filming next month. LOL, Soo Hyun is in all black again, except why didn’t he just wear black sneakers too?

In previous blog post, I have mentioned the great news of Lee Sung Min‘s addition to the team. Today we not only have more information on who plays what, who else is involved, but also names of those veteran actors who were not in the group picture above.

Few days after Lee Sung Min’s announcement, another veteran actor, Lee Kyung Young, also joined the production team, which name or face I am sure is no stranger to those who had seen Misaeng or The Beauty Inside. Soon, we will also see him in The Magician (aka. Joseon Magician) with Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara. Fact is, he is everywhere, TV or movie; even though he always play small supporting roles, he is always around. Lee Kyung Young is set to play a detective turns reporter/journalist, No Yeom.

Then the long-awaited news concerning who is the female lead was revealed: actress Han Ji Eun landed on the role after going through an audition involving 4000+ female contestants. I am please to know she isn’t a newbie in the acting industry, and has previously been in movies such as Miss Granny and The Con Artists. She is said to play an actress named Han Ye Won, which I don’t get how that ties in with the male lead. I don’t expect her to play a very important part, but I still would like a capable actress when acting alongside all these actors.

Today it is reported that Sung Dong Il is that other big name. He isn’t in the group picture, which I suspect it is because he is still busy filming Answer Me 1988. Song Dong Il will play the casino’s mafia boss, Jo Won Geun, whom Kim Soo Hyun’s character, Jang Tae Young, will go up against. Hahaha. Why am I not surprised? Song Dong Il is a versatile actor, so acting as mafia/gangster is a piece of cake for him. I even think he has been typecasted, for he almost always carry that gangster-like image. LOL.

Alas, so that leaves Lee Sung Min playing the doctor, Choi Jin Gi, who treats Jang Tae Young and works in a VVIP hospital. Damn damn damn. I was hoping to see Lee Sung Min as the mafia boss to be honest. I imagine so much sparks would fly seeing him versus Kim Soo Hyun. Ah well, who is to say there won’t be sparks between a doctor and patient, too. After it is reported that they will have a fair few scenes going up against one another. I just hope he has a meaty role in this movie, and not be put to waste.

Former Kpop girl group, f(x)’s Sulli also joins the rest of the casts, playing a rehabilitation therapist named Song Yoo Hwa. I guess she will be working alongside Lee Sung Min.

I don’t know why, but my imagination is totally running wild and painting Kim Soo Hyun as Seoul city’s Batman, and his side-kick butler Alfred is Lee Sung Min. Hahahaha!

Illusions aside, other actors include Jo Woo Jin, who will play lawyer Sa Do Jin; Kim Hong Fa (Assassination), Jung In Gyeom (Assassiantion) and Choi Kwon (The Producers). LOL, a mini-reunion for Choi Kwon and Soo Hyun, who plays IU’s assistant in The Producers.

It’s probably a bad thing to get so excited before the movie even began filming. High expectation usually lead to huge disappointment; I will need to calm down, and set the bar low. However, I still sincerely hope this is going to be a really good. I’m not sure how long the movie is set for filming, but hoping it ends in about 3-4 months, so that Soo Hyun can come back to the small screen mid-year, or if he must, end of the 2016.

Source: Daum | News1 | 阿里影业


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