Lee Sung Min Confirmed for Movie ‘Real’ Against Kim Soo Hyun


News came out today that Lee Sung Min is confirmed to star in upcoming 2016 movie, Real (리얼). Holy shit! Lee Sung Min and Kim Soo Hyun in a movie? This is one greaaaat news—Yes? Yes!

Kim Soo Hyun (The Producer, You Who Came From the Star) has already confirmed playing the male lead months ago, and audition is opened to pick the female lead, but no news regarding that as of yet. It’s a bit risky, but I am going to hope that the female lead holds no heavy scenes in this movie; hence, they did not mind casting a rookie actress. With Lee Sung Min on board, oh my god, I can’t wait and hope this movie will be something worth the anticipation.


Real will be a noir themed crime/action movie that is directed and written by Lee Jung Sub, whose past projects I am not at all familiar with.

Kim Soo Hyun plays an ambitious problem solver named Jang Tae Young, who can always neatly solves whatever he is entrusted to do by the dark, crime world. The movie will be a story about him when he meets a journalist.

I am half guessing this journalist to be Lee Sung Min, or… Lee Sung Min will play some Mafia boss? Whatever it is, I hope there will be lots of back and forth scenes between these two. Soo Hyun has been pretty lucky each time to be able to work with many veteran actors in his past movies and dramas. This time is the same as well, so many things he could learn on set this sunbae. Lee Sung Min has been around for some time, but he became a lot more well known when he plays Chief Oh Sang Shik in Misaeng (aka. Incomplete Life) with Im Siwan. The drama itself is a big winner in various Awards ceremonies this year. If you haven’t seen it, you MUST watch it.

Real is set to start filming January, 2016.



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