Ji Soo and Kim Sung Kyun Confirmed for Moon Lovers, the Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin


Shaking head — I really wish the Drama Gods can put a stop to the Korean entertainment industry remaking other countries’ hit dramas. There would not be an objection had the Koreans not screwed up remaking famous hit dramas such as Nodame Cantabile (Japan) and In Time With You (Taiwan). Thus, I really fear for another big screw up of remaking hit C-drama, Scarlet Heart (more famously known as Bu Bu Jing Xin).

未命名_meitu_0 (2)

So far we only have two actors, Ji Soo (Sassy Go Go, Angry Mum) and Kim Sung Kyun (Jung Hwan’s Appa from Answer Me 1988) confirmed for the remake, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Previously known as Moon Lovers). But big names such as Lee Jun Ki (Scholar Who Walks the Night), Kang Ha Neul (Misaeng), Nam Joo Hyuk (Who Are You: School 2015), Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun from EXO and IU (The Producer) have all been courted, and are considering the offers.

Obviously, Lee Jun Ki and IU are offered the leading roles, playing 4th prince turns Emperor Yong Zheng and female lead Ruoxi, whereas all others are said to play the other princes. I wonder who has been offered the role of 8th prince, who will go head-to-head with Lee Jun Ki to fight for IU’s heart.

IU will make a suitable Ruoxi, I can see her being that bubbly girl every princes love in the beginning, and then mature into a quiet, but intelligent woman as she spent her life in the palace. I can so see her trigger all men’s protective streak playing this role, just as she did in The Producers.

Reportedly, Ji Soo is to play the 14th prince, the youngest of them all. Really? I thought that should be Nam Joo Hyuk since he’s the youngest in real life. However, I am all right if it is Ji Soo too. Not only he is a better actor than Nam Joo Hyuk, but he was really adorable in Angry Mum. I think he would do very well playing the lively 14th prince.

It is obvious that Scarlet Heart: Ryeo will be adapted into sageuk (Goryeo period), where the story is most likely to change tremendously to fit into Korean history—which is why it is worrisome. In general, I did not think Bu Bu Jing Xin was fantastic, and to be sure, I even read the novel, but I still don’t like it as others did. However, I do give the writer props for incorporating the loveline into the history of Emperor Yong Zheng’s battle of the crown against other princes. Whether or not the Koreans have such compelling side-(hi)story as the Chinese, this I am unsure, but since it is going to be a fusion sageuk, who is to say the writer can’t make things up?

Another worry is casting Lee Jun Ki as the lead 4th prince; Jun Ki is excellent with action scenes, but I have always found him lacking when it comes to acting in love. He has never swept me off the ground with his love scenes, and I really am not sure if he ever will. There is also that uncertainty to pair Lee Jun Ki with IU—not quite sure sparks will fly between the two.

SBS has obtained the copyright to Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and has scheduled the drama to hit our screen some time in September, 2016. All I can say is good luck in the casting, and most importantly, the script. I hope the script will be magnificent.


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