Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin’s Temperature of Love Official Posters + Teaser Making

A storm came and pours Temperature of Love stills and posters on us. It’s a busy first day of the weekend where we are showered with abundances of beautiful pictures of Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook and Jo Boa.

I could not be happier… and SBS also releases a BTS making video and more stills from the first teaser. *Dancing in the rain* because so many more Se Jong pictures! ❤ ❤ ❤

BTS Poster & Teaser Making from V Live

This is a must watch behind the scenes, because Hyun Jin and Se Jong are so cute (as well as funny) trying to look lovey-dovey for the posters and getting used to each other. It also shows us it’s not easy to when they have to pretend to look happy and laugh for the camera. The fake ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha’ from Hyun Jin cracks me up. Can’t someone just crack a joke or two so that they could laugh a lot more naturally?

… and there are MOAAARRRR… which I honestly think I prefer the originals to the posters. And holy shit, SUBWAY is one of the sponsors again. Damnit! Usually I would not care, but SUBWAY has been forcefully inserted into the stories of dramas way too unnaturally that it stings to see it and a sight for sore eyes. Ugh. Other than that, I shall thank SUBWAY for the sponsoring so that they can invest more money in the show, and that we get better quality visuals.

See Page 2 for more gorgeous teaser stills

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