Behind the Scenes of TNGT with Park Bo Gum


HAPPY EASTER FRIDAY to all. In celebrating the Easter holidays, TNGT shares with us some BTS photos of Park Bo Gum in their Summer apparels, posing for the camera, shooting for their catalogue.

I honestly like these pictures way better than the official’s. He looks real and approachable behind the scenes, and most importantly, cute. ^ ^ Will you look at that lovely bright smile! I miss that. It feels like I hadn’t seen it for a long, loooong time.

The only one I didn’t like is these two (images from above & below) where his hairstyle reminded me of that Dolly-like magazine shoot he did before.

Whereas the below official TNGT photos, there are no smiles so it felt cold. It’s still gorgeously taken but it lacks liveliness and that shiny bright aura Bo Gum has around him. Aish. It’s just not the same. End of story. LOL.

This marks the 162th posts I have posted about Bo Gum! If I hadn’t performed a make-over for this blog, I would not have known. This is waaay too many posts of him, I am shocked to see the numbers. I created this blog so that I could rave or rant about the dramas I watch, but somehow it ended up being overly Bo Gum-centric, which is not my intention at all. Having said that, I will continue to post about anything when inspired, and he will still be one of them—be it a rave or a rant (I love him, but I am not blinded by love).

I kind of love the new layout too because if I click on the Park Bo Gum tag, all of Bo Gum’s post will appear with pretty pictures of him, hehehe. The visuals are no joke. Now all I need is for him to return to the screen. It’s difficult to swoon at him when he’s off-screen, because (1) I’m out of swooning vocabs (2) CFs are unsatisfying versus watching a drama or movie. I like it more when he’s in character and impressing me with his acting.

I wonder why he’s taking so long to decide. Is there no good script or he is trying to complete his studies once and for all? Inasmuch as I miss him dearly on-screen, and want him to pali pali return with a new drama, maybe it’s a good idea he complete his degree so that he can invest all energy into acting. He has worked really hard between 2015-2016, so he deserves a big break. Take this time off to fatten up a little (just a little), and enjoy life he may no longer be able to as he gets more and more popular. Damn popularity.

Occasionally I find myself missing the good ol’ days (Nae Il’s Cantabile to I Remember You period) where he hasn’t been so well-known internationally. The Bogummy world was much more peaceful and quieter without fan wars or obsessive stans trying so hard playing matchmakers and loving him, not realising while in doing so (e.g. going around dragging down other actors or harassing them), they are embarrassing him.

P.S. I’m expressing a thought, and in no way preaching at anyone how to love your biases.

Source: TNGT Facebook | TNGT Naver


5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of TNGT with Park Bo Gum

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  1. Oh, how did I miss this post??

    With TNGT, I always looove their Bogum spread. Theirs are among the best in which Bogum looks the best. I love the serious- looking Bogum that TNGT usually does so well.

    Buuuuuuuut!!! I agreeee with you that that smiling-oh-so-brightly Bogummie knocks every pose he has ever done. That’s when she shines the most. It’s just so vibrant!

    And yeah….. me starting to worry and wonder why he is taking a long time to decide which project he’s taking next. And if it is a film, then I have to wait even longer before I can see him in the cinema. Don’t do this to me, boy. I need a huge dose of you acting. Pppalii..ppali…

    Hahhahahhah…… you know what? Twitter has “I don’t like this Tweet” button. I uuuuuse it a lot these days. Especially for Dispatchy-thing and other delulu thing.


    1. LOL, it might be because I was ‘extremely productive’ that day (4 posts in a day).

      True, TNGT photos are really good compared to K-SWISS, Edwin and Mandarin Duck. But some of these recent ones look a bit too doll-like (too much photoshop), that’s why I liked the BTS more.

      Now that he’s taken a leave of absence for so long; I kinda prefer him to do a drama over movie now. Else like you said, movie will make us wait even longer. BTW, I’m devastated seeing Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho’s drama preview. If only that was Bo Gum versus her! 😥

      Twitter’s TL is clean. More delulus on IG, which can’t be unseen, and all sorts from different ships too. But it’s more of there were comments which makes me wonder if they have read what I wrote properly. faceplam

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      1. Hahhahahha.. I haven’t watched it. Is is that bad? YSH’s acting? To tell you the true, the first time I saw the teaser of that blue robe, my mind went directly to Lee Yeong. Bogum just did something magical when he wore that robe, coz he looked so majestic.

        And now I can’t uncompare any other actors who try to wear that robe. Like the Coors said ” I keep comparing, you’re always winning”.


        1. No, they were actually cute in the teaser. I just wish it was Bo Gum acting against her, that’s all. True, the other day I saw blue robe on my TL, I thought it was a never seen before BTS pic of Bo Gum first before realising that’s Seung Ho.

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