Hwarang Releases Individual Character Posters


That’s… more like it! The previous group poster from Hwarang spells disaster, LOL. KBS, I know you can do better than this, so can we have a proper group poster again?

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First Peek! Hwarang: The Beginning Character Posters Revealed.


😍 So this is how the Silla’s Hwarang, also known as The Beautiful Knights, going to look like? 😍 Ooooffff alluring. I am sold! Hwarang stars Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and Go Ara, as well as many more other pretty boys.

The drama has began filming on March  31, and is entirely pre-produced, so we shall hope that the overall quality of the show will not disappoint, especially all the martial arts / fighting scenes.  Continue reading “First Peek! Hwarang: The Beginning Character Posters Revealed.”

Park Seo Joon, Go Ara & Park Hyung Sik Confirmed for Hwarang


The other casting bomb dropped at same time as Moon Lovers today, was none other than Park Seo Joon‘s confirmation for a new drama named Hwarang: The Beginning. Mama Mia, I was not happy because it is another sageuk. Ah waeeeee?

Hwarang in English translates to Flowering Knights, now who the heck would call a group of men by that? Admittedly, my first impression of the name is negative, and thought it has derogatory meanings, and that the men are some kind of male prostitutues. But because Seo Joon has confirmed, so I decided to seek information from my two besties—Google and Wikipedia—and I find out how silly I am. Oops.

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First Peek! Joseon Magician Drops Teaser Trailer


Joseon Magician (English Title: The Magician) starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, is premiering soon some time in December. Although, it does not look like an exact date has been set for the premiere, but posters, stills and trailers are now pouring out to pique our interest.

Yesterday, the movie releases its second teaser trailer (which is literally just the longer version of the first).

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[Updated] First Peek! Yoo Seung Ho in Joseon Magician

Looks like Yoo Seung Ho is all set for his first comeback project after completing his Military Service in the movie titled, Joseon Magician. This week, we get a glimpse of the first released teaser poster, and immediately I am stoked! Visually I must say, it is beauuuuu-ti-ful. It’s one of those immediately ‘catches your eyes’ type of poster, and the differences in his eye colours pique my curiosity on the movie, and the character he is potraying.
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