Micro Drama Reviews: August 2017

August Drama Review 2017

End of July to August is a pretty meh times. Took me forever to complete this. Several times I wanted to trash it, but didn’t want the effort to go to waste. I’m watching these dramas, but find it really hard to get into them. Some episodes I could be totally into it, and the next week, I’m out. None of them are really crack drama material, but I’m soldiering on till next month and hope I’ll find a crack by then.

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Temperature of Love Releases Yummy Stills of Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook and More

♥ ~ SWOON ~ ♥

SBS releases hot new stills of Temperature of Love and they are abso-freaking-lutely gorgeous. We have a combination of pictures from the teasers, behind the scenes of poster shooting and also episode stills. At this moment, the temperature is recorded as sizzling hot for Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook, Jo Boa and other casts. Each of these HD stills can easily be used as phone wallpapers (♥v♥).

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First Teaser: Temperature of Love


Vibrant use of colours and beautiful casts—first teaser of upcoming SBS drama Temperature of Love not only looks puuuurrrrty, but promising and captivating. Needless to say, all 4 casts look stunningly gorgeous, especially Seo Hyun Jin. Working the knife and cooking pan, Yang Se Jong melts hearts with his newly learnt chef skills with that grin at the end. Kim Jae Wook looks attractively suave but cold, whereas Jo Boa appears bored and lost.

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First Peek! Temperature of Love Script Reading


Yay! The script reading’s BTS pictures are finally out for SBS upcoming drama, Temperature of Love. I love you, Fridays! And guess what? I absolutely adore the look / style / attires Yang Se Jong is sporting in these pictures. It’s casual, but nice and simple, and he looks so good beside Seo Hyun Jin. Kim Jae Wook is very Kim Jae Wook-ish with the black shirt, but he too, I can’t stop swooning at. However, it’s very obvious he has cut his hair after this, and Se Jong’s hairstyle is a bit curly too based on the most recent spoiler picture from Instagram.

Anyway, picture bombs time! I officially have zero concentration on what I’m suppose to be doing now.

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