English Translation of Fan Vid to Park Bo Gum ‘Oh! Happy Day’ in Taiwan


On January 22, 2017, Park Bo Gum held his second fan meeting in Taiwan. The one thing I most look forward to see was the fan-made video and surprise placards the Taiwanese fans have been secretly organising to show him.

Okayyy, I admit, I wanted to see him touched and cry again. LOLLLL~ And result shows it was a hugeeeee success! Everyone was touched to tears, even the hostess and the interpreter!

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Lee Jong Suk Stars in Davinchi’s Love Is MV


Lee Jong Suk recently made an appearance in Davinchi‘s MV ‘Love is‘. In the MV, Jong Suk is seen as a man who has lost someone he loved. He returns to this house as he walks on the memory lane, doing the things that he once did with the lost one. Was it a deceased lover? Let’s take a look…

I inserted a surprise at the end for Answer Me 1988 fans…hehehe

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ Loverly Teaser Fan Arts

CoOsa-2VIAEwCxb.jpg large

KBS upcoming fusion sageuk, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds hasn’t aired yet, but we already have an influx of pretty fan art’s blends. Least to say, there can only be more coming our way when the drama begins. There are two major sets in this post of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung which I am quite fond of, and I feel that they deserve more publicity, haha, especially there are so much prettiness involved.

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Special Project: Park Bo Gum’s Music Bank Fashion 2016

Cl4PuK3UkAQfeeh.jpg large

Music Bank Fashion 2016 is here! How sweet was Park Bo Gum purposefully wore a jumper with Thank You on the front? 13 months of emcee life comes to an end on June 24 for Bo Gum and co-host Irene. It kind of sucks, especially on the thought that we won’t be seeing him on a regular ‘once a week’ basis from now on. But looking on the bright side, he won’t have time anymore when he has to commit and be fully devoted to filming Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which is much more important, since it is his first time being the hero of a drama.

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Special Project: Park Bo Gum’s Music Bank Fashion 2015


I have had this special project in mind since news broke out that Park Bo Gum is stepping down from KBS Music Bank‘s emcee position. I procastinated for couple of weeks, dreading having to go through a whole collection of yummy pictures—as picking only one or two out of the whole lot is a very difficult task. 2015’s ain’t too bad, but 2016 will definitely be painful.

With this special project that comprises of part 1 (2015) and part 2 (2016), not only will we get to see Bo Gum’s fashion / wardrobe, or should say his stylist’s hit and miss fashion taste, and officially bid our farewell to Music Bank Bo Gum Day.

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