Ssangmundong Friends to Lovers: Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri


Dispatch has done it again! Every time they ousted a celebrity couple or a celebrity scandal, the first thing come to mind is ‘What is South Korea trying to cover up this time?’ The ‘victims’ today are my precious Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong kiddies, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri.

Initial reaction: Woah.

Second reaction: Wait. Wait. Really?!

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Answer Me 1988: Spoilers

Omo. We have a wedding? So whose wedding is it? Deok Sun’s? Jung Bong’s? Pictures of the wedding BTS have gone viral today, and in the above blurry picture, I’ve made out Deok Sun’s Appa, No Eul, Jung Hwan and Sun Woo. The girl standing in between Jung Hwan and Appa is…?

This post contains spoilers. Step away now if you do not wish to know…

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Gossips! Stars Romance 2015

Dispatch and other Paparazzis are on a roll this year, publishing articles after articles on Stars romance caught on camera—or at least this is how I felt—maybe because a lot of couples caught this year are the ones I knew more about. I usually don’t care much when Dispatch drops the bomb; the stars are humans too, and are entitled to date and keep their relationships private. In my opinion, I find the romance end quicker after they go public. I hold the media and publicity responsible, and I find the paparazzi’s behaviour unethical. I always wonder why they don’t get sued. Continue reading “Gossips! Stars Romance 2015”

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