TNGT, Mandarina Duck & EIDER Fall/Winter Collection with Park Bo Gum


Park Bo Gum has returned….with fashion apparel TNGT, Mandarina Duck and EIDER. Looking suave and gentlemanly, Bo Gum pulls off the suits nicely. Except….

… WHY doesn’t he bloody return to my TV screen by now wearing these??? *WAILS*

Yeah, I kind of wish this is a drama announcement post to be honest. I have posted so many of his CFs these days that I think I’m running low of patience waiting and/or words. I’m happy he’s re-filling up his bank account again (and wish I could do the same), but boy, it’s been a year since we last saw him on TV. 😩 Time flies, I was perfectly fine sending off my older boys to the military services, but what’s taking this one so long, aside from him needing to complete his university degree? 😢



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