Magazine M and Cine21 Promotes V.I.P’s Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min, Lee Jong Suk and Park Hee Soon


Suave. Sophisticated. Men in Suits. Aigoo. How can I resist not posting these images from Magazine M and Cine 21? Lee Jong Suk, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Myung Min and Park Hee Soon are the four very important people of this post.

Together, these 4 men are in the soon to be premiered movie titled V.I.P.

From Jong Suk’s interview, it is reported that Jong Suk personally contacted the PD and expresses a strong desire to play Kim Gwang Il, without reading the script yet. It’s a huge contrast to the roles he had been playing before, so this definitely spike media and people’s interest. As his long-time drama fan, I am also looking forward to see his performance and be the judge to whether he did a good job playing a killer.

I was quite surprise that he publicly admitted that his acting has stopped improving, and it bothers him and was finding ways to excel. I’m glad he knows, because I too, notices it and I hope by working with these senior actors, he has found the help he needed.



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