Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie

Tidbits on Yang Se Jong

  • He lived in USA between grade 3 to 5, and returned to South Korea after.
  • He started on Taekwondo in second year of junior high.
  • He wasn’t interested in acting until he saw a play named ‘Snow Drops’ during junior high school.
  • During high school years, being in an all boy school, he spent his time running between Taekwondo and bookstores. He loves reading so much that the owner gave him a part-time job. He worked at the bookstore for 2 years.
  • He turned down a scholarship from Samsung Foundation where he could have attended a Sports University.
  • He enjoys solitude and likes to take a stroll at dawn.
  • He loves wine and collects perfumes.
  • He is the only child in the family.
  • His role model is American actor, Bradley Cooper.
  • He prefers people to remember him by his character names, and is uncomfortable playing with social media. He has an official instagram account, but it is managed by his agency.
  • He does not like to be called Monster Rookie and also does not think he is one.
  • He’s taken leave of absence from university with 2 semesters left.
  • He uses perfumes to help him get into his character.
  • He would like to travel to Italy & Spain because they are famous for their red wines. He’d like to drink from the oak barrels that held those wines.

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