The 1st Look: Slick and Suave Ji Chang Wook


Partnering up with 1st Look magazine again, Ji Chang Wook models for watch brand Fossil in the upcoming September issue. Hurry and grab your copy since this is highly likely the last magazine appearance before he report to his military duty on August 14.

Seeing the teaser video and images of the 1st Look photoshoot, I think the pictures will turn out really well. They did a really good job with the February issue too. It’ll be a good farewell for die-hard fans. Ji Chang Wook is also very busy attending as many TV interviews etc. before he disappears for 1 year 9 months.

During his recent V Live appearance, he even prepared messages and poses for fans so that they can take screenshots of him and use it as wallpapers. I captured the one as shown above, and the quality was terrible. So not going to use it for wallpaper, because imma not happy with the hairstyle. He’s requested that we do not cheat on him whilst he’s away. BAHAHAHAHA, wanna know a secret? I’m already cheating on him, what more during he’s away. That’s how I deal with all biases’ absences. No deal, Wookie ah. I’m not dying lonely and alone, LOL. Besides, he has publicly cheated on me with so many other actresses on screen, so I’m allowed to have wandering hearts too.


오늘은 광고 촬영!!! #파슬 #fossil

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