Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong Confirmed for Temperature of Love


It’s confirmed! Former co-stars of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong return to headline SBS drama, Temperature of Love. Kim Jae Wook (Voice) was courted to play a supporting role, and he too, has confirmed. Adding to the casts are Jo Boa (Sweet Stranger & Me), Lee Mi Sook (Jealousy Incarnate) and Pyo Ji Hoon or P.O.

First off, congratulations to Yang Se Jong for securing his first lead role after just one year from debuting. He definitely deserves it, and I must agree with the Korean media/netizens for crowning him the nickname — ‘Monster Rookie’. It’s an achievement and an honour. I will look forward to him taking home a New Actor Award from SBS this coming December, and hopefully a Baeksang New Actor Award next year for Duel. Yep, I’m all prep up for ma baby to win. PWAHAHA. But I sincerely dread the idea of him propelling to fame and popularity so soon. Oops, getting a bit side-track. Let’s return to talk about Temperatre of Love…

The characters Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong and Kim Jae Wook are set out to portray were discussed previously: Go to post.

As if love triangle isn’t complicated enough, Jo Boa is up for the role of second female lead, Ji Hong Ah—who competes with Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) for the heart of On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong). She is the daughter of a conglomerate who, like Hyun Soo, also aspires to become a TV script writer. UGH, I’m worried now. Pleeeease make her likable, Drama God. She’s said to be frenemy of Seo Hyun Jin, so I want a rom-com to be about 4 lovable characters with remarkable chemistry between the OTP, as well as amazing bromance and sisterhood.

Actress Lee Mi Sook will play Yang Se Jong’s mother, whereas P.O is set to play Kang Min Ho, a guy that loves Hip-Hop and started to learn cooking in order to make a living. Hmm…what makes them think becoming a cook will earn better wages? Being chefs are tough!

The drama will focus on Lee Hyun Soo and On Jung Sun’s love and break up, and getting back together again to find the optimum temperature of love. The last sentence sounds so cheesy, lol, but dang it, there will be break up??? Not that I like the sound of it, but if both of them are able to give me the Feels (which they are fully capable of explosive emoting), OMG, I’ll gladly take this separation set-up.

The director is reportedly to be Nam Gun, who previously directed Daebak (also known as The Royal Gambler). Hmm, I can’t remember much of the directing in that show, but I guess he won’t be too bad. The drama is an adaptation of script writer Ha Myung Hee‘s novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone, and her former works include High Society and Doctors. *Bleurgghhhhh* Still not thrill about her, but I am absolutely excited to see Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong acting together, and not to mention I already miss my weekly dosage of “Yang Se Jong Crack” after Duel concluded its airing last weekend.

The casts will hold a script reading session on July 30. Oh dear, I hope Yang Se Jong has a good rest by then; he really is not giving himself a lot of time to recuperate. Although I’m glad he’s returning (so) soon, but a little worried about his well-being and whether he has enough time to prepare himself playing a chef—gotta brush up on the cooking skills, ya know! Plus, I need him to be super charming as Chef On, hehe.

Temperature of Love is slated to air 20 episodes from September 18 to November 21, Monday and Tuesday after Falsify. The production team are really not giving themselves a good amount of time to film this drama, which is a huge worry. This means the production will go on live shooting real soon. I was hoping it will air late September to early October; that way we’ll get a higher chance of a drama with better quality, and allowing the actors sufficient time to immerse in their characters. The consoling part is, at least we won’t need to worry too much about Hyun Jin and Se Jong’s chemistry. 😀


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