Duel: The Bittersweet Finale


Duel has been another wonderful and awesome roller coaster joyride produced by OCN. The show was mind-blowing thanks to screenwriter and rookie actor, Yang Se Jong‘s outstanding and scenes-stealing performances. I really enjoy burning my brain and experiencing the high and low emotions along with our beloved clones—Sung Joon and Sung Hoon.

The ending is bittersweet. Our wish of having both clones alive didn’t come true, but I am satisfied with the beautiful sacrifice of our Sung Hoon. In that very last moment, Sung Hoon has learnt to love, accept love and sacrifice for love—I am also especially touched to see it matters to him not wanting Sung Joon experience the same treatment he once had.

It is sad but I’m glad he is finally free from all the pain. The more I think about it the more I realise this is the best and happiest ending the screenwriter could offer Sung Hoon. Clearly, even if he gets a cure, he will not be happy since he most likely is going to spend the rest of his life lock up in a cell. As if he hasn’t been locked up enough for the past 12 years.

Over the course of 12 years, Sung Hoon soldier through the pain and torture, he must have exhausted his body and mind, but he fights hard to stay alive for vengeance. All the while I thought he had wanted to revenge on those who inflicted pain on him, but it cuts me a hundred times more when it was revealed his motivation stemmed from avenging Omma’s death. After shooting her, everything, including himself, fell apart and drove him to madness. For the two years that he was free, he wasn’t living either, and worse, he poisoned himself with alcohol. Furthermore, the murders he committed poisoned his soul and rendered him beyond salvation. Seeing from this perspective, I therefore think death was a better, healthier and happier option for him. At least he is now truly free—mentally, physically as well as his soul—that is if clone has a soul too. Which therefore makes his sacrifice and death even more beautiful and poignant—especially when Sung Joon, unconscious, shed tears the moment Sung Hoon calls out to him before he shuts his eyes forever. I could re-watch this scene again and again because it was beautifully shot and shown in parallel. [Video Link] Whether or not the screenwriter wrote this scene, or it was the director/editor’s idea of presenting it this way, I LOVE IT.

Another favourite, yet poignant and heartbreaking scene is definitely the ‘Feel the Wind’ final scene. It mirrored and reminded us Sung Hoon did the same before he went to see Han Yoo Ra. Oh I could hear my heart breaking into pieces right now. It makes me emotional, but why do I still love it so?—Because we know we love good Feels.

It’s a little disappointing the screenwriter left Sung Joon with the most regrets, amidst all that he has gained through this. The most glaring ones are definitely the shortest reunion with Han Yoo Ra (same goes for Sung Hoon actually and worst—okay, let’s not open a can of worms), and second is the short but tearful long-awaited talk/brotherly made up scene with Sung Hoon. I love the tearful scene, and I wish the boys could hug before they have to part again, forever. Ugh those tears x 2. Sniffles. Bloody hell, someone pass me a box of tissues. I suppose Sung Hoon doesn’t really expect Sung Joon to save him, since he is the badass one who fights better, and he did get what he needed from Sung Joon—i.e. Sung Joon’s sincerest apologies and a sincere heart/love. [Video Link 1 + 2]

I can’t say I’m thrill to see Park San Young dies in Sung Hoon’s hand. Sung Hoon might find it gratifying to take San Young to hell with him, but personally, I want him to rot in prison and/or had much worse. Death may be what he feared most, but it seems waaaay too easy a way out for a Satan like him.

Last but not least, I wish we could see Sung Joon and Sung Hoon a little longer, but a show must end with an impact in order to make a strong, lasting impression so that it remains in our hearts longer. And it sures shook up my world for the past 3 months. Whichever way you take this finale, to me, it’s definitely one of the Best Hits of 2017.

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  1. What I can say, Yang Se Jong is a brilliant actor and truly a monster rookie. This is the first K Drama (for 2017) I finished till the end. Yeah, my bad habit, I usually only watch up to episode 14 because of the spoilers. But for Duel, I’ve watched spoilers everywhere, but ended up watching both RAW and subtitled version.

    That’s how obsessed I am with Duel, or should I say Yang Se Jong.

    Can’t wait for his next project. I really hope he accept the offer for Temperature of Love.

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    1. Monster rookie. I like your choice of description of him. 🙂
      Love to have him back soon too, but it’s a worry Temperature of Love’s role won’t be as good as Duel’s. Sung Joon/Hoon are embossed in our hearts at the moment.

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      1. Monster rookie now growth as an actor we can trust – this is from naver article about him and he deserved that title.

        His performance in Duel made me fall in love with him. I knew him from Romantic Doctor and Saimdang but his roles as Lee Sung Hoon/ Lee Sung Joon/ Lee Yong Sub was beyond amazing and at some point I feels that Lee Sung Hoon is more handsome/ better/ charismatic compared to Lee Sung Joon. Is it weird that I feel that way? LOL.

        My other concerns about Temperature of Love is the writer. You know what I mean right 😉

        But I do want to watch him in romantic comedy and not to mention with Seo Hyun Jin?? It’s like a dream come true. I read somewhere that they will have noona-dongsaeng romance.

        Sorry for the long rants but as I said earlier, Yang Se Jong is my current obsession and I can’t stop talking about him ☺️

        I miss him already and I want him to be back soon. But I’ll accept if he decided to rest and reject the offer for Temperature of Love as he said that his body and soul was tired while filming Duel. After all, he has a good eyes on choosing projects and glad that he rejected Habaek for Duel.

        P/s: I’m sorry for any grammar errors or something like that, english isn’t my native language ☺️

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        1. ‘Sung Hoon is more charismatic’ — Hahaha could it be the man-liner? Joke aside, I can see why and yes, at times he is much more compared to Sung Joon. Aren’t we glad it’s all Yang Se Jong? 😀

          If he takes Temperature of Love, it will be noona-dongsaeng romance. I’m not liking the entangled lovelines I’m reading about between the 4 leads. :S

          I can imagine how emotionally exhausted he must be playing both roles, especially Sung Hoon, because Sung Hoon is always so emotional, angry and crazy. I hope he gets some good amount of rest and release himself from the characters.

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