Rookie Actor On the Rise: Yang Se Jong



Appearing in July issue, rookie actor Yang Se Jong did a photoshoot and interview with Singles magazine. Proven to be a rising star, he has been gaining approvals from media and audiences with very solid and outstanding performances in last year’s SBS hit drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim; Saimdang: Light’s Diary and now OCN’s crime-thriller drama, Duel where he challenges his acting boundaries by playing three different roles.

P.S. That lips are mine, by the way.

Se Jong’s first drama was actually Saimdang: Light’s Diary then Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Due to broadcasting issue, he debuted by playing a General Surgeon named Do In Beom in Romantic Doctor. Even though it was a supporting role, he managed to catch my attention and charm me which male lead Yoo Yoon Seok could not. There was just something about him and his character that made him a lot more compelling than the others. I wouldn’t mind if we have Romantic Doctor season 2 so that the writer could explore and give his character more screen time to tell his story.


Working with veterans such as Han Suk Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin, Jin Kyung and so on has proven to be beneficial and a good learning opportunity too, because he has shown growth and immerse improvement in acting in current drama, Duel. Even though at first it appears that Duel was led by two veteran actors Jung Jae Young and Kim Jung Eun, but as the drama airs, it is clear that the plot centres around Yang Se Jong’s clone characters—Lee Sung Joon and Lee Sung Hoon.

I love the fact that OCN was willing to give Se Jong this opportunity, putting faith on an inexperience actor who only did two dramas prior to this, and trusting that he would be able to take on such important roles. Most importantly, my boy showed the world he can do it. He was excellent and continues to be.


To be honest, I was excited to post these gorgeous pictures, but at the same time agonising whether I should. He’s so new to the entertainment industry and fresh for grabs that I want him all to myself. It is also the first time I have locked eyes on someone just starting his acting career, the fandom is still small and quiet (hence no fan wars) that I wish it stays this way, forever.

Source: Singles | Singles Naver

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