New Kid On the Block: Kim Min Jae


Isn’t this kid a cutie pie?

His name is Kim Min Jae, currently starring in KBS drama, The Best Hit, with Cha Tae Hyun and Yoon Shi Yoon. Many might also recognise him playing the young king who ordered Gong Yoo‘s death in Goblin or the male nurse who confronted Dr. Do In Beom in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.

Regardless whether you recognise him or not, maybe it is time to get to know him, because he’s potentially a new rising young talent that may take over the older Hallyu stars. He does not get by in the entertainment industry just with his good looks, the boys has talent and was a trainee — he can rap, dance, and now, act.

Watch/Listen to his rap.

I love his deep voice. 🙂

Watch him dance too!

He isn’t on the same par as young actors such as Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Seung Ho, Park Bo Gum etc. yet since he is still playing supporting roles, but with a little bit more practices in acting, there is no reason for him not to become big in the near 2-3 years. Same goes to his Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’s co-star, Yang Se Jong, who now can be seen shining brightly in OCN drama, Duel — he, too, is another rising new star.

I love the fact that these new rising actors hadn’t garnered popularity and/or too much media attention. Unlike those high-paid popular actors, they don’t need to shoulder the responsibility of making each of their projects a blockbuster hit, hence they can take up as many projects in the year, and I will be seeing them so much more often than those Hallyu actors. *Side-eyeing all those popular actors*

Min Jae will make his movie debut playing Yoo Hae Jin’s son in Love Sling (tentative title). Lee Sung Kyung has been offered the role to play his girlfriend who crushes on Yoo Hae Jin. The movie will begin filming this coming July.

Source: NYLON


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  1. Recommend drama Perseverance Goo Haera. It’s his first drama but he act so good that many people have to search him out and he got drama contract because of that. He’s a bad boy there, but he stayed the role with his eye acting. And the fact that he is all-round talent: dance rap sing piano song-composing, and has unique character of rapper mixed with actor make him really attractive. This kind of charms are star quality. like Park Bogum. I knew Bogum will become big and he really is now. If Minjae can do emotional-melodrama acting as well as he did antagonist and comedy acting, I bet he’ll surely be like Park Bogum in the future.


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