First Impression: Duel


Duel is OCN’s new drama that takes over Tunnel and is not to be overlooked. It stars Jung Jae Young, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jung Eun and Seo Eun Soo. Duel was supposed to appear in the next summarised Micro Drama Review, but four episodes in, the plot boggles my mind so much that I had to create a post on its own to empty my head.


Jang Deuk Cheon is a detective and a loving father of a 12 years old sick daughter. In an ambulence sending his daughter to receive stem-cell treatment, she was kidnapped. He saw the kidnapper’s face before passing out. After a race and chase to reclaim his daughter, he found the kidnapper sitting in a bus. He shockingly discovered there are two of them—one he had at gun-point, whilst another stood not far away from them wearing an evil smirk. The man he caught claim to suffer from amnesia and certain trauma. The case is so mysterious that Deuk Cheon decided to take matters in his own hand and work with amnesiac man to uncover the truth in order to rescue his daughter.

5 Minutes Preview

This show is wicked! My mind is racing with ideas and writing my own script, trying to decipher the puzzles. It is filled with mysteries and thrills, keeping us coming back for more.

There will be spoilers from this point onwards.

Episode 1 and 2:

Episode 1’s editing feels off, but OCN did it to captivate the viewers. It was awesome and intense in the beginning, but just when Detective Jang Deuk Cheon (Jung Jae Young) finally encounters the clones, Sung Hoon and Sung Joon (both played by Yang Se Jong), it cuts back to 10 days ago, leaving us hanging and the thrills that was heightened to a peak did a sudden roller coaster plunge. But keep on watching because it became interesting again when the kidnap happens and we were taken back to the bus station scene.

There’s also a history between cold hearted Prosecutor Choi Jo Hye (Kim Jung Eun) and Deuk Cheon that made their relationship turn foul. If the substitles are correct then I think she may be his deceived wife’s sister, but this part needs more confirmation. At this point, it’s more curious why Sung Hoon kidnaps Detective Jang’s daughter, Jang Soo Yeon (Lee Na Yoon), after learning she will receive stem-cell treatment through the news. At first I thought he tries to save her because the news reported this stem-cell research/medicine is fairly new, and he might be the by-product of this research facility and knows it may cause harm than cure, but now that I have seen episode 2, I’m not so sure. Also something curious to note, there may be some defect in Sung Hoon as we are shown he injects himself with a syringe.

Poor Sung Joon. I have a soft spot for him. I feel terrible he has been beaten to a pulp by Deuk Cheon, abused and traumatised by both Sung Hoon and a mystery man, but it is also the reason why I enjoy it so much. Both Sung Joon and Sung Hoon are the most compelling and mysterious piece of puzzle in the plot that I love so far.

Episode 3 and 4:

These two episodes drove me nuts. The revelation still answer nothing, and only creates more unanswered questions.

It is now confirmed both Sung Joon and Sung Hoon have defects, as they both clutch their chests complaining of pain. Sung Joon’s chest pain is worsening, possibly because he didn’t have injections like Sung Hoon had. I now worry he may die if he doesn’t receive treatment.

The man named Choi Joo Shik they are looking for seems to be a patient 24 years ago, and he gave us two big clues: he killed Sung Joon himself and he said Sung Joon hasn’t aged one bit. Therefore, it is logical to assume that Sung Joon/Sung Hoon are both clones of the doctor that treated Choi Joo Shik and possibly experimented on him. In revenge, Choi Joo Shik killed him, opened him up and donated his organs.

The show also reveals that Sung Joon and an Orishin are both looking for a list. In episode 5, both Sung Joon and Sung Hoon confronted each other about sharing the same memory and about ‘the organ list’—so is Sung Joon actually searching for the list of people who received their original’s host organs so that he could cure himself?

As for the memory, at first I fear that Sung Joon may not be as innocent as he appears to be. Deok Cheon spoke my mind when he confronted Sung Joon he might be involved in the organ trafficking organisation, but by episode 4 and a little bit of information from episode 5’s preview, it would be more appropriate to say the memory he is remembering is the memory of their original host.

Sung Hoon’s actions are one of the biggest puzzles, but right now I am inclined to think that he’s looking for a cure, as well as seeking revenge against those who were involved in the stem-cell research and Choi Joo Shik, who killed his original host. As for Sung Joon, the fact that he doesn’t have any memories makes me wonder if he’s never actually been conscious all this time i.e. he’s been frozen in time in a laboratory, and Sung Joon only wakes him up so that he can become a scapegoat.


It’s definitely a keeper because there is this grandeur scheme behind the plot, and I want to peel it off bit by bit* and watch the mystery unfold, and most importantly, Yang Se Jong is fabulous slaying his roles playing innocence and evil.

*Okay not really, because I’m dying from all this over-flowing thoughts!!!

Throwing in a clip when Yang Se Jong auditioned for the roles of the clones

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