Gong Yoo on CNN Talk Asia


Here we have it—The anticipated CNN Talk Asia coverage interview on Gong Yoo. It is indeed an interesting interview presented with a different perspective by CNN.

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I haven’t had as many thoughts as I had imagined I would. Most of the ones I was interested had already been shown in the previews, and I no longer remember what I thought about them. Nonetheless, there are many other revelations we can walk away as food for thought and perhaps self-reflect on our behaviour and aimed to be a respectful normal human being. The interview show us Gong Yoo is a sensitive person and has a strong sense of self-preservation. It also highlights he hasn’t gotten used to fame, perhaps never will and doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t be surprise if he decided to go behind the scenes or retired from acting one day. I don’t feel his enthusiam or love of his job as an actor, but at least we know, for now, he enjoys playing and losing himself in other characters.

On another note, I was extremely surprise he mentioned Australia’s incident. That must have been one heck of a memorable experience for him to still remember till this day. To those who participated in mobbing him that night in Sydney: “Great job in traumatising the actor and making a negative impression”. When he said he understood their behaviour, and he had to smile and be thankful, I felt sick in the stomach that he told himself to think like that. The chaos that night was in no way any actor should be happy about. It was like his movie Train to Busan where he was attacked by zombies who can’t help themselves but kept coming onto him. Except in this incident, he can’t beat the crap out of these zombies. And honestly, maybe half of those people aren’t fans but bystanders who just happen to know the popularity of Goblin and wanted to boast that they run into a superstar on their SNS.

The other surprise question from Anna Coren was in relation to the current political issue between US and North Korea. I find that question highly inappropriate, because it had absolutely nothing to do with the actor or his career. But it does confirm one thing: the US is desperate to know and wanted to fish out as much information they can from South Korea and its neighbouring countries. They even funded other countries’ reporters to gather these information for them. I feel like I’m watching a conspiracy drama/movie and the brain is ticking trying to decipher why US want to know the people’s reactions. Are they planning to create more terror if the public isn’t feeling nervous?

Source: Eunice Yu @ YouTube


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      1. Which is…… inevitable?? But still… how I wish he could enjoy what he earned after all these years. Do celebs get to live their normal lives in the US? I mean compared to SK?


        1. I think so. They are more carefree. Paparazzis follow them & we see pics of them at the beach or an outing with love ones, but they don’t look too concerned. It’s the culture, Asian celebs rely on fans more and can be ruined by Netizens & antis, but not Hollywood stars. They bounce back from doing drugs etc., e.g. Robert Downey Jr or Drew Barrymore.


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