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My fondness for Nam Ji Hyun is increasing at an exponential rate these days after seeing how fantastic she is in Suspicious Partner. And thus, it is delightful to see her being featured in the June issue of Singles Korea

I really liked her character in Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk, so I was thrilled to hear she was cast alongside with Ji Chang Wook next. She was a good acting partner with In Guk as well as romantic couple, and I was sure she would match well with Ji Chang Wook too. And she did, and even better than I had imagined.

In Shopping King Louie, Louie’s character had my heart more than Bok Sil, but it’s the opposite in Suspicious Partner. Ji Hyun’s Eun Bong Hee had mine. I love it when she is with No Ji Wook, but she shine on her own when she’s by herself. At this point, she’s even more lovable than Ji Wook. Mian he, Wookie-ah, maybe later.

Seeing how brave and persistent she still is standing up to the Chief Prosecutor was jjiang. Obviously, my favorite part of that episode had to be Ji Wook (looking hot in those glasses) checking her neck but didn’t press on why she had it, and him noticing her reaction when they meet Chief Prosecutor again. Aha, he knows. I was at first puzzled why she didn’t tell Ji Wook, and then I realised she was protecting him in her own way since she found their relationship turned sour because of her. It’s their little unspoken gestures for one another that’s slaying me at the moment.

I also love Bong Hee’s existence in Ji Wook’s life. She brought change and sunshine, lighting up his dark and solitary life. Chiaki Shinichi’s mother once said Nodame is Chiaki’s angel; I think Bong Hee is Ji Wook’s angel too, rescuing him from the misery of betrayals by his closest and trusted chingu deul. The comparison is a little off-key but I can’t help linking the two when Ji Wook ask Bong Hee why he’s always cooking for her and how she adores his food—it just reminds me of Nodame, and not to mention both Nodame and Bong Hee have stalker personalities, except Bong Hee is not hentai. LMAO.


After reading an interview about another celebrity, it had me thinking. We rely on perception and impression when what we get is all that we can see in the characters they play and what stars show us publicly. I always fall in love with the characters an actor play, but I never love any actor wholeheartedly because how can one love someone when we don’t even know who they really are, apart from what they show us? What was said in that interview didn’t coincide with what was publicly shown by this person. I question the validity of the translation, I also question if s/he really said that. If that was true though, it changes my perception on this person.

So how does this relate back to Nam Ji Hyun? It doesn’t. I chance upon her IG and use it for comparison. From a general glance of her posts, she takes natural selfies and appears unpretentious. Other than work, during her daily life, she doesn’t purposefully dress up and wear heavy makeup showing the world only her prettiest side.  Her posts aren’t always beautiful because she doesn’t always look her best, but I like that it appears genuine. On the contrary, the other celebrity appear cautious, and almost each posts are packaged beautifully with nice poses. Ji Hyun’s IG highlighted the significant difference to the other person, and that is all…

#싱글즈 #6월호 비하인드컷 모음 마지막! 👏👏🤗🤗

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#싱글즈 #6월호 비하인드컷 모음3

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#싱글즈 #6월호 비하인드컷 모음2

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5 thoughts on “Nam Ji Hyun x Singles

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  1. You word out my feelings and dedication for her so accurately. I’ve never, at this point, loved any actress more than her. This is my selfish though but I don’t want her to be really popular and get all the pressure to change herself.

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    1. I understand what you mean. Everything gets a lot more complicated when they become popular. It’s more peaceful now and she has more of a normal life.


  2. Your post really speak out of my mind 🙂 I have become Nam Ji Hyun’s fans since Queen Seok Deok era, and for me, she’s one of rare actresses who has an unique charm to make all of her characters endearing and relatable. I think if Bong Hee is played by another actress, I will find her stalking act to Ji Wook is annoying. But Nam Ji Hyun can make Bong Hee’s character so relatable that I can relate to her vulnerability, her braveness, her optimism and her one side crush to Ji Wook.
    And I agree with @Minion, instead of wanting her getting popular, I would like her to be recognized as the reliable actress 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I don’t know who was the candidate before her, but I know she is Bong Hee to me now, and never doubted she wouldn’t match well with Ji Chang Wook on screen when her casting news was announced. Yes, acting recognition above popularity! Popularity is so overrated these days, I rather she stays humble and grounded, concentrate in acting like her sunbaes in Management Soop. 🙂


  3. First saw her in Shopping King Louie. She was wonderful there. I’m still loving her in Suspicious partner. I love that it seems she is focusing on good roles and acting and not becoming popular. Hope she withstand the pressure and stay her natural beautiful self.


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