Gong Yoo Conquering Cover of Esquire Worldwide


Gong Yoo is the cover face of June issue of Esquire. He is well-known in his own household after the success of Coffee Prince, but now he is propelled to popularity outside of South Korea through blockbuster movies Train to Busan and The Age of Shadows, and hit drama, Goblin.

It caused a slight confusion in the beginning as I hadn’t realised there were Singaporen and Malaysian versions too, and Esquire uses different photos for each version. Sneaky. They obviously think that would make more money.

After the new found success, Gong Yoo was invited to CNN Talk Asia for a 30 minutes interview with Anna Coren. It supposedly have aired on May 25, but the full interview clip is not yet available online. I don’t follow Gong Yoo’s news or whereabouts religiously, but he’s well-known in his fandom to be a very private person and does not own any public social media. Therefore, I am particularly looking forward to this interview where he opens up to Anna regarding his thoughts about social media. The highlights are summarised >> here.

Gong Yoo isn’t the first that doesn’t share a public social media. Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young* and many more are the same. Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho eventually re-opened one, but they barely update because they know the consequences all too well. These days a post or an image could be interpreted in hundreds thousands different ways, altered or undergone image manipulation and abused against the owner’s wish by fans, shippers or evil-doers. It’s also scary that people no longer stalk the actor, they also stalk the people around the actor. Thus, it is understandable why some stars choose to stay away from using public social media completely. I look forward to a day when all stars boycott social media thanks to these people. SMH.

*Park Bo Young prefers Vlive.


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