Park Hyung Sik Getting Hot and Sexy with Harper’s Bazaar in Hawaii

In the upcoming June issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Park Hyung Sik did an interview and a photoshoot. It happened right after jtBC’s Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s reward vacation in Bali where he was spotted arriving in South Korea, but snuck out again to Hawaii for the shoot. If you are liking what you see in the cover photo, then you’ll love to check out the rest!

The shoot was all a hush-hush until we saw a selfie of him with the photographer.

Not long soon after, Harper’s Bazaar releases an ‘Hello from Hawaii’ video clip of Hyung Sik

These photos are pretty luscious to look at.

I am now pretty sure Hyung Sik has landed an endorsement of the brand that makes those bracelets. He’s been wearing them since the drama ended.

When I first saw the exposed chest/stomach area, I chuckle because I was reminded of the infamous High Society’s scene where his shirt was ripped, and also in Hwarang’s BTS where he unhappily informed the director no matter how hard he tried exercising it on the spot, his abs just would not show. It’s true, this boy just doesn’t have them. LOL LOL.

Behind the Scenes

Park Hyung Sik’s IG Updates

Harper’s Bazaar Updated May 30

Source: Harper’s Bazaar | Choiyongbin22 Instagram | Choiyongbin website


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