53rd Baeksang Arts Awards


Snap! Here are our 53th Baeksang Art Award winners.

Frankly, it was the most boring Baeksang I had seen. I get bored from time to time watching these award shows because of the language barrier; however, this year’s Baeksang was boredom on a whole new level. It began at the red carpet where not one single star *wow* the floor. The dresses were all a big MEH.

I was contemplating of quitting the live streaming if it were not of Park Bo Gum with his little *BLUR* but cute stunt, and later the three crabs moves. After this, the show did get a little bit more interesting since it was time to announce the Best Actor and Actress awards.

Winner List

Movie Section

Daesang – Park Chan Wook (The Handmaiden)
Best Picture – The Wailing
Best Director – Kim Ji Woon (Age of Shadows)
Best New Director – Yoon Sang Ho (Train to Busan)
Best Screenplay – Yoon Ga Eun (The World of Us)
Best Actor – Song Kang Ho (Age of Shadows)
Best Actress – Son Ye Jin (The Last Princess)
Best Supporting Actor – Kim Eui Sung (Train to Busan)
Best Supporting Actress – Kim So Jin (The King)
Best New Actor – Ryu Jun Yeol (The King)
Best New Actress – Lee Sang Hee (Our Love Story)
Star Century Popularity Award (Male) – Do Kyung Soo
Star Century Popularity Award (Female) – Yoona

TV Section

Daesang – Kim Eun Sook (Goblin)
Best Drama – Dear My Friends (tvN)
Best Director – Yoo In Sik (Romantic Doctor)
Best Script – No Hee Kyung (Dear My Friends)
Best Actor – Gong Yoo (Goblin)
Best Actress – Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young Again)
Best New Actor – Kim Min Suk (Doctors)
Best New Actress – Lee Se Young (Laurel Tree Tailors)
Star Century Popularity Award (Male) – Park Bo Gum
Star Century Popularity Award (Female) – Kim Yoo Jung
Instyle’s Best Style Award – Kim Ha Neul
Lifetime Achievement Award – Kim Young Ae


Lady host of the night, Suzy. I like the blue colour of the gown, but I don’t like how plain it is on her. I was also not impressed with the hairstyle. It was better when she tied it into a ponytail later on, but I wasn’t sure of the peach dress that looks a lot like apron…

A queen is always a queen, Kim Hye Soo cannot hide that aura, but the solid, blue colour comes off plain and does not stand out.

It’s uri Bong Bong, Park Bo Young! Aww, I miss her already. I did not like her dress at all, but she’s still so cute and adorable. Her Strong Woman Do Bong Soon‘s co-star, Park Hyung Sik, did not attend the ceremony but he did updated his instagram that night.

But fear not, Bo Young has another co-star at her side and that’s none other than her on-screen bestie, Ji Soo.

Kim Ha Neul snatched the Best Style Award this year, and I’d love to ask Instyle why.

… because I thought Kang Han Na looks gorgeous and stunning in this white dress. Maybe it’s a bit too much like a wedding gown, but at least it looks more interesting than Ha Neul’s.

Kim Min Suk won the Best New Actor (TV) for Doctors. He has been gaining recognition ever since Descendants of the Sun.

Ra Mi Ran!

Do Kyung Soo (Hyung) didn’t win the Best New Actor (Movie), but EXO fans ensure he at least takes home a Popularity award.

I quite like Son Ye Jin‘s dress, except it doesn’t look as flattering close-up. She took home Best Actress (Movie).

I feel terrible that Jo Jung Suk miss out on Best Actor award (TV) since he’s not getting younger and he is a really talented all-rounder type of actor, but I guess this year really belongs to Gong Yoo, who has worse luck with award nominations throughout his acting years.

Gong Yoo is so low-key that he skipped the red carpet. Congratulation for winning his first Baeksang Best Actor (TV) for Goblin. Hopefully he can win another one in the movie section in the coming years. Gong Yoo was pretty emotional on stage and unprepared with his speech. The speech was also a bit weird because of how it was delivered. It makes me wonder if he is going through some hardship.

Gong Yoo’s co-star/frenemy, Lee Dong Wook was not at the ceremony, but the actor as his younger self, Kim Min Jae, was there for the nomination of Best New Actor (TV) for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.

It felt like a quick hi-and-bye for Ji Chang Wook that night as we see him grace the red carpet looking semi-dashing in tux (points dock-off for the hair), but never saw him in the ceremony after the Best New Actor (Movie) was announced. Boo. He probably left early so that he could continue filming his new drama, Suspicious Partner.

Sung Joon, who is currently starring as a chaebol in OCN’s The Secret Romance, attended the ceremony as a presenter. I apologise for using such a bad photo of him… flashlight and makeup just don’t go well together.

Congrats to Lee Se Young for Best New Actress (TV). I would have liked the dress more if it isn’t so plain in terms of colour.

*SMH* — I thought Park Shin Hye changed her stylist a while back because I swore she looked stunning in previous award ceremony, and now we are back to square one. What the heck is thissss? It’s so weird having that pink collar there. I don’t care if it is a frigging designer’s brand—it makes her look so old, again.

I was sooooo happy Seo Hyun Jin gets to take home the Best Actress (TV) for Oh Hae Young Again, because she totally deserves it.

That said I wish she wore a better dress than this, but I don’t care… she won! YES!!!

LOL, I swear Kim Go Eun has funny taste in fashion, but I guarantee this year’s is 1000x way more flattering than previous year’s.

Ryu Jun Yeol took home another Baeksang! Woah. Last year was Best New Actor (TV) for Answer Me 1988, and this year is Best New Actor (Movie) for The King. I am happy for him earning the recognition in the sense that he’s 30 already and started out quite late. On the contrary, it is also worrisome that he is winning awards left, right and center like a flash. That said, I was genuinely surprised at the result because his supporting role in The King did not stand out that much as compared to other nominees.

Nice hair and nice fitted tux there, Kwak Dong Yeon. Would have been nice if all the Moonlight Drawns by Clouds co-stars walk the red carpet altogether. I suppose they each deserve their own limelight…

Kim Yoo Jung has gained weight, hasn’t she? Her face looks rounder than I remember. I love her hair; I like the colour of the dress, but the rest… no. It isn’t bad, but it definitely could have been better. She and Park Shin Hye both have bad stylists.

I really wanted Jin Young to grab the Best New Actor (TV), but alas…

Thank God Park Bo Gum look gooorgeous. So glad he style his fringe up for the big night. It isn’t the most stunning he could look, but good enough. Note: My favourite was still the 2015 KBS Drama Award. Bo Gum’s fans battle against Shinhwa’s Eric by casting votes for him everyday so that he could take home the Popularity Award (TV).

At first I was impressed with the three big screens, but my amazement ended there. I was also annoyed to see the stars were given such uncomfortable cheap chairs to sit on. The ceremony on a whole was really boring. The hosting were liveless and the performances were dull. Last year I was in tears because of the performances of Answer Me 1988‘s soundtracks. This year I just sat there thinking, “Gee, those musical/opera singers don’t sound that impressive singing live. Did they not have a proper voice warm up?” I did teared up a little when 30 unknown actors were singing on-stage, but it wasn’t an impactful performance.

I thought why couldn’t the producers make the night more interesting by having Jin Young sing the song he wrote for Ben from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, or have a Boombastic performance to liven up the atmosphere, and have someone cosplay Goblin and Grim Reaper doing the infamous modelling walk etc. I don’t know, just do something interesting, you know.

Lots of thoughts went through my head, wondering of the reasons of its dullness: Is there a reason for such a liveless award show? Why are the stars’ attire so plain and boring? Is the atmosphere in South Korea now not good so the stars are avoiding negative attention? Is there something to do with the presidential election?

Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Go Eun were the first presenters of the night. Both were tasked to hand out the Best New Actor and Actress for TV category, which they won last year for Answer Me 1988 and Cheese in the Trap. I cringed hard because they were quite bad at it; Go Eun seems to be hit by nerve and she couldn’t read the given script casually, whereas Jun Yeol was pretending to be all cool when he’s obviously nervous too, LOL.

As I have said before, if it weren’t for Bo Gum… the night would have been totally dull. Watch the above clip and you’ll know what I mean. That male presenter’s South East Asian English is just baaaad. I foresaw Bo Gum’s reaction, but still really enjoy it anyway, LMAO. And then another cute thing happened whilst Yoo Jung was giving her speech. Yoona tells the two boys to move aside so that they would not appear at the back her. So we see the three of them moving sideways like crabs in the background [see video]. LOLLLLL.

Last but not least, I can’t believe Kim Eun Sook was awarded a Daesang! I may have loved Goblin, but I don’t think the story itself is worthy of a Daesang. But if we look from another angle, which is where Korean awarding system stemmed from i.e. profit and popularity—then yes, fine—she totally deserve it. *Sulk* Okay, so, now that she got one, is this mean she has reached the end of the quota?



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