Sold by OCN’s Duel Latest Teaser!


I am interested in Duel solely of Yang Se Jong (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) and the premise that he is playing dual roles. Usually these kind of roles would mean a huge challenge in acting; an opportunity to shine; a test to one’s acting capability—thus, I am all ready to sit and wait for him to impress. Seeing the latest teaser heightens the anticipation even more. The teaser shows us two very different Yang Se Jong facing off each other at a train station: one is wearing an evil smirk, holding a gun whilst the other had a bruised, worn out face with fearful tears in both eyes.

I am really hoping Duel will be as compelling as Tunnel; it’ll make me a very happy viewer. I haven’t spent too much time looking up for news or sypnosis of Duel because I want to be surprised by the story. Thus all I know is the two main leads—Jung Jae Young and Kim Jung Eun are detectives and this is a drama about human clones. It’s OCN, so it should be crime-related, but my utmost interest is in the fantasy part of ‘human clones’ and Yang Se Jong is the clones, heh.

This man is a complete newbie in dramaland, and made his on-screen debut in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (although by date Saimdang, Life’s Diary is his first drama). Even though he’s fairly new to acting, he didn’t fail to capture my attention. I love watching him go head-to-head with Yoo Yeon Seok. Had time and writer permitted him to be more involved in the story arc, it would be interesting to watch his character grow and detach himself from his father. Maybe if we have season 2, we will be able to see this. Sigh. So depending on his performance in Duel, he may officially made it into my bias list, bwahaha.

The clone we see above is Lee Sung Hoon, and the rugged, shabby looking clone is Lee Sung Joon (below). Upon seeing him in a suit, it already makes my heart flutter. Judging from the teaser, he appears to be the evil one who is chasing and (maybe) trying to kill the other clone. I’m anticipating a complete twist—something along the line of maybe there is no evil and good, or maybe the evil is the good, and the good is the evil.


Duel will air after the conclusion of Tunnel on June 3.

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