Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DVD Team Releases Teaser BTS


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DVD team is slaying us with these cuteness overload BTS / NGs from Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young. I absolutely adore the NGs. Bo Young exudes so much cuteness, whilst Hyung Sik is ridiculously hilarious with his cheekiness.

#1: Behind the Scenes After Their First Hug

#2 Bloopers of All Casts

LOL at Bo Young choking from the Royce chocolate. Should I say serve her right for teasing Min Min? Tee hee.

And THIS! OMG ROFLLLLL!!! I remember coming across one of Bo Young’s interview with her mentioning about this scene. She was genuinely frightened by actor, Kim Won Hae, because she didn’t know he was going to appear beside the door when she enter. He gave her such a huge fright that she was in tears, literally.

Have to give it to Kim Won Hae. Even though I disliked both his characters due to its irrelevance to the plot, but judging his performance on its own, he did an excellent job. He is a scene stealer when he plays Oh Dong Byung. Regardless of how ‘exaggerated’ he was in his performance that some audiences find him mocking certain type of people, but you have to admit, he got your attention—be it this strong impression is negative or positive!

#3 Bong Bong + Min Min

This video is poisonous—I need sunglasses to shield me from all these cuteness. Is there another word to describe ‘cuteness’ because it seems to be all I use in every Do Bong Soon’s posts.

One of my favourites is Hyung Sik being annoyingly but hilariously cheeky as shown in the GIF below. I cannot ,for the love of god, stop laughing at him prancing left to right with that face! So childish. So sulky. Yet so funny. ROFLLLL.

Okay. I figure out why I love watching this clip the most. It’s not only the cuteness that I love; it’s how much fun and laughter I see they were having whilst filming. Their laughters are infectious and makes me grin from ear to ear. It definitely made my day. 💕

If you are now convinced by these 3 clips and that you want the Blu-ray DVD, head to the below websites and find out more.

Source: Twitter | Cafe Daum


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