Official MV ‘Ending Scene’ by IU is Out, Featuring Kim Soo Hyun


Dear lord, so much Feels from just watching this MV, and listening to IU singing the chorus with such a torn-up and sad tone. The emotions shot through the roof, and I felt rather somber now, but loving the song anyway. Her singing appears like a silent cry through the music and lyrics. A sincerely heart-breaking song, so considered yourself warned. I definitely did not expect it to be a song about breaking up. When news was out that she and Kim Soo Hyun would collaborate again after Dream High and The Producers, I thought it would be a cute-meet-date-happily-ever-after story based on the teaser MV.

OFFICIAL MV — Ending Scene

Before seeing this MV, I had zero idea that IU had ended her relationship, and comments underneath this MV is stating it’s a song about her break-up. Maybe yes, maybe no, but since she wrote the lyrics, it’s highly possible that she sang it from her heart and through her recent experience.

I’m never great with symbolism, so I don’t quite understand what the above image means. I just know that it’s sad that things didn’t work out between her and her ex, and that it has to reflect in this MV with Soo Hyun.

Watching the MV also made me miss seeing Soo Hyun acting on screen. I wanted so much to be crazy in love with a character he played again. *Cries* He obviously has that on-screen charm, so why NOT hurry back and do another drama, and quit ping-ponging around between being an actor and a professional bowling player, LOL.


The above scene is my favourite because I think it is such a sweet, thoughful gesture that a guy does that. It also makes the girl’s heart flutter (in dramaland) when the (good-looking) guy she crushes on does it. Hehehe. That’s a PLUS.

I sincerely wish IU has a successful recovery from this heartbreak, and that Soo Hyun and the rest of her good friends are giving her as much emotional support as possible. Hwaiting!


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