Kim Seul Gi and Ahn Hyo Seop Fullfil Promise For Queen of The Ring With Dance Collaboration


Now this is really cool. To fullfil their promise of 10 million views on web drama, Queen of the Ring, Kim Seul Gi and Ahn Hyo Seop collaborated with South Korea’s reowned 1 Million Dance Studio to give us a short dance choreography.

I don’t know when or how this all started, but it is noticeably becoming a trend that actors make promises to do something if their drama exceeded a certain % for TV rating. This actually is not a ‘new’ thing, because Taiwanese have been doing it as if it’s tradition for donkey years. I am in awe how all of a sudden, Korea is picking this trick up in order to boost TV ratings. Well, as long as it doesn’t get too ridiculous, I am okay with it. On the contrary, if it is something like what Seul Gi and Hyo Seop did, then I totally love it. My only wish is they were given more time to brush up the routine because I can tell they didn’t have time to practice more and absorb all the moves. But I love Hip Hop / stage dance in general—so they got an A for effort.

To me, Kim Seul Gi is an all-round entertainer. She reminds me of the olden days Hollywood stars where she could sing, dance, act and host. She started her career through variety show, SNL Korea, but is slowly getting more recognised as an actress now. I would love to see her getting cast as a lead in her own drama soon. SOON, please.

Below is a clip of her with her chingu, Jay Park, doing a dance routine of his song All I Wanna Do. I love that dance routine, and have watched countless time of the dancing clips released by 1 Million Dance Studio.

Original MV: Jay Park x 1 Million— All I Wanna Do in collaboration

1 Million Dance Studio — All I Wanna Do

Source: Facebook | YouTube | 1 Million Official Weibo


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