It’s A Wrap: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Awww. What a beauuu-ti-ful wedding photo.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon succeeded something that a lot of Korean dramas have failed to do in their finale i.e. giving us the happiest Happily Ever After ending we can ever hope for. They even outdo Disney’s style happy endings, LMAO, because the show had gone all the way to…

… giving our Bong Bong and Min Min babies so early in their marriage, LOLLLL, oh dear. And to quote from Ahn daepyo, “Don’t think this is a compliment”. If only this happened in say, Goblin, where I desperately needed something more solid from the couple e.g. there will be less sadness and Shin wouldn’t be as lonely if Eun Tak left him a child to care whilst she goes through reincarnation.

I know this was written more for humour, but I would have been satisfied they stop at the wedding or a little further after the wedding. Now it feels like my perfect and beautiful fantasy of Bong Bong and Min Min’s cute relationship is ruined, a little. I most definitely were not ready to see him as a rundown parent. Now I kept having this image in my head where my pretty Flower Boy Ahn daepyo slowly wilting away from nursing his superpower daughters to adulthood. LOL. But whatever, it has ended, and I’m happy to have Bong Bong and Min Min for the past 2-3 months entertaining us and giving us so much Pinkish Fluff, Feels and Swoons.

T H A N K   Y O U, Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young.


Last night the casts gathered for a wrap up party and watch the finale episode together. It was extra icing on the top that we were given the priviledge and insight of seeing them watch the last minute of the drama, together. Them smiling at one another, the hugs and the pats on the back warm my heart.


LOL, Hyung Sik doesn’t fail to humour us till the very end with his signature move from the drama. Love it.

Selfies with the Crew

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8 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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  1. Hahahhah… girl, this time I am the opposite of you. I was kinda annoyed that the wedded bliss went away too soon with babies and annoyed-when-got-called wife. I wanted to see them got through early phase of wedding life, then discoreved Bong Soon pregnant, probably witnessed Ahn Daepyo cooing his pretty preggy wife, then bam, twin. However, I know that they wouldn’t get normal babies,.. ahahhahah..

    Among things that still made me unsatisfied was the growing of screen time for the gansta, when they didn’t have too much significance to the story. Instead for them, I wanted to see Min Hyk’s family again.

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    1. Yeah I wanted them to keep the bliss too. Having babies breaks my fantasy. And yes x 1000 to the stupid gangsters; I hate them the MOST. I have even grown annoyance to those male students. Like you said, so insignificant to the story. I’d have love it if there’s a side-story for Bong Ki and Kyung Sim or something. Min Hyuk’s family should have been there at the wedding (I think jtBC wrapped them up too early?). Oh, above all, how rude was Oh Dong Pyung sabotaging our wedding kiss? I don’t even care it was for comedy’s sake, in context, that’s a wedding, to do that is super rude. If I were Min Hyuk, I would have fired him on the spot. Lots to rant about actually, just don’t want to ruin the good part.

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      1. Oh, my annoyance with that Oh Dong Poop started the moment he appeared and lasted the entire time he was on my screen. Yes, HE’S SO SO SO RUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!! I don’t care how amazing he was as a manager, but that guy needs to learn manner. Plus his clingy personality to Min Hyuk or Secretary Gong made me want to throw up. I know he was written sassy and all, but …aarrrrrgh… he’s just too much.

        Considered me surprised tho that his encounter with his “twin” was not even developed. Sigh…. but like why….. the main leads didn’t even get enough development, let alone supporting characters.

        But.. yeah… with all that, I can still forget everything as long as I am given Bong Bong and Min Min being huggy and kissy. I’ll forgive everything else.

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        1. Hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean. I was angry when he first appear as Oh Dong Pyung. Because I thought I saw the end of him as a gangster. Who knows he became someone else and annoy me even more. But I give him credit for going all out on playing Oh Dong Pyung. It IS a unique character, LOL. I just won’t forgive him or the director for allowing him to be rude at the wedding, especially when Min Hyuk was just about to kiss Bong Soon! Throws darts

          I knew to stop expecting quality plot 2/3 through watching the show, and like you, is only loving it because of Hyung Sik and Bo Young’s chemistry. 🙂

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        1. Yeah. By right they should still be at the wedding, so that’s a Boo for the writer there. However, his family issues can’t/shouldn’t be resolved in 1-2 episodes, so I was ok with it being left out. We’ll just have to imagine that there are more interactions in their future.

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  2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon may have had an interesting and good premise on paper but in its execution it fails horribly. The drama is homophobic/ trans phobic, sexist, has turned domestic violence into comedic fodder and made a mockery of another country’s religion/monk. I understand that the OTP makes people swoon but there is not enough cuteness that they are radiating that is going to change the fact that this drama is problematic. It is lazily written with little to no character development and this drama has been over hyped too much and the ratings that it has received isn’t worthy.


    1. Sorry to hear you did not enjoy the show. However, allow me to stress that at the end of the day, drama is still a drama—made for entertainment purposes. Mockery or not, I am sure other countries themselves have made movies or dramas/comedies that mock other cultures, sexes or religions, so there is no need to be offended with a show designed to entertain. The show may not mean to depict it the way you have interpreted either. Don’t take a show made to entertain seriously, especially when it is advertised as fantasy. Furthermore, I’m sure majority will acknowledge that it is very flawed 1/2 way through watching it. Non of my posts regarding this drama ever praise the plot, and I was crystal clear on the reason for my willingness to overlook the flaws.

      I shall agree to disagree on ‘not enough cuteness’ — it is because they were so great together that I am willing to watch through this shitty plot containing annoying, useless side characters in the first place. I also do not think it is overhyped because no drama is as overhyped as The Heirs. As for the ratings, beats me, whatever rock the Korean’s boats because a LOT of dramas with high ratings are unworthy e.g. Yong Pal, The Heirs, Descendant from the Sun, Doctors and Doctor Stranger to name a few.

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