Teaser Release for IU’s New MV Featuring Kim Soo Hyun


Oopfh. I had heard about Kim Soo Hyun featuring in one of IU‘s music videos, but wow, I did not expect my heart would flutter at the sight of it. I lubbbb it. IU looks so pretty and Kim Soo Hyun is awakening the dormant fangirl heart who fell for his Do Min Joon character from You Who Came From the Star. Most importantly, it looks to me it’s the kind of MVs I like—ones that tell a story, and obviously these two play a couple.

Can’t wait to see the full video, which will officially release on April 21.


IU always look young, but Kim Soo Hyun has the ability to switch between looking older and young. When he lets his fringe down he looks innocent and early 20-something years old, but when he combs it up, he’s a mature man.

LOL, love the portrayal of his hand shaking from feeling nervous.

That reminds me, Kim Soo Hyun is another actor whose return to the screen is looooong overdue. He has looooong completed the movie, Real, which finally set to premiere some time in June, so c’mon, come back to dramaland. Pali!!!


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