Last Story: Goodbye Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is really coming to an end, because jtBC has the casts bidding their farewell to us. Nooooo, I’m in no way ready to say goodbye to Bong Bong and Min Min. I reckon Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik have beaten out the Goblin couple and made it to my Top One favourite on-screen couple in 2017. There’s still 8 more months for new couples to rise, we’ll see if there are anymore new couples’ rapport are as powerful as theirs.


So cute, I saw Bo Young sneak a whack at Hyung Sik’s knee. Hehehehe. It’s nice to see she’s so comfortable with actors nearer to her age. She doesn’t behave like that when she is with Jo Jung Suk for Oh! My Ghostess. Jong Suk and her are more like siblings in real life. Although Jo Jung Suk adores her because he finds her cute, there is a bit of distance between them even if they look close. There’s this sense of respect she gives to him because he’s Oppa. She seems even more distant with Lee Jong Suk—maybe she wasn’t impressed that Jong Suk once stuck his finger in her nose, ROFL. I think that was an accident when Jong Suk was trying to break the ice. It’s hilarious though.

NEW — Added 2017.04.15

It’s A Wrap!


According to episode 15’s preview, we will see some sweet but arousing moment between the couple where Bong Bong puts Min Min to the test of Gentlemancy (does this word even exist?). Will uri Min Min remain a gentleman, or he’d turn into a wolf? Can’t wait to see him painfully tame his manhood, hehehe. My bet is NOTHING happen, because if Min Min is a wolf, he would have pranced on Bong Bong already—Writernim, I’m on to you.

Other than looking forward to seeing CEO Ahn taming his beast, the trios are also setting out to capture the Im Siwan look-alike criminal played by model turned actor, Jang Mi Kwan. But before they do that, Bong Bong needs to convince both these Alpha Wolves first. From the stills, we see she has sat them down at an eating place where the two are battling out with soju, again. Boys will be boys. LOL @ her glaring at Ahn Min Hyuk. I just hope these boys know that Bong Bong can easily hurt them if she really wants to, LMAO. Gosh I love a spunky heroine.

jtBC has released more unseen episode stills, so let’s take a look at them first before the fun filled BTS photos.

Wow, are you serious, Writernim? A sniper? Where the hell he would be able to get that so easily? As strong as Bong Soon is, she’s not indestructable or bullet-proof! How to beat that? It had better not end stupidly with fireworks again!

I wish this is NOT the last post from jtBC about this drama. If possible, I want more stills from the last two episodes.


I want both Hyung Sik and Bo Young’s jacket and coat!


This show is so god-damn flawed don’t even get me started, but all these flaws I have FF and overlooked soley because of these two cute puppies. It’s impossible not to love them. I had thought Ahn Min Hyuk would be a stuck-up, spoilt asshole chaebol heir to begin with, but he’s not at all that typical jerk—that’s why I am so in love with his character. Bong Soon occasionally can be a bit annoying, but I think because it’s Bo Young and she uses her acting charm to help us forget those annoying part. Last but not least, still, I hope the writer give the gangsters SOMETHING to do so that they don’t seem so entirely unrelated to the main story. Sighs.


Source: jtBC


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