Ji Chang Wook Shoots Character Stills and Promotes For Suspicious Partner with Nam Ji Hyun


No. No. No. Nooooo. This is not the combed up hair I was asking for!!! This hairstyle looks so oily; it’s what Yoo Ah In loves wearing. It doesn’t suit you, Ji Chang Wook-ah.

*End of Rant.

So what is that picture about? It’s just our Chang Wook being spotted on Instagram taking character stills photo for upcoming SBS drama, Suspicious Partner. Yesterday there were also promotional stills of him and the casts going viral where they appear to be an election campaign a la musical style. It was reported that they were filming for the promotional video which would be musical-like. Hmm, I look forward to the first teaser.

It’s not a shabby idea at all to garner viewers’ attention. Park Bo Gum had done a funky flash mob dance at Gwanghwa Mun to promote Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and they hit the jackpot after with TV ratings. And I think it would be super cool if Ji Chang Wook did this promotion in musical. He’s a musical actor; I so can see him doing this teaser all in singing! PLEASE let him does it all in singing, SBS!

I think there are dances involved too judging from the pictures, LOL.

Good lord, it’s so pink and fluffy. But I’m all for it since my fluffy pink couple Bong Bong and Min Min are wrapping up their fluffiness this weekend. *Sniffles*

… and we have a BTS of the shooting where his hair looks a lot more normal, LOL. Well, at least he is in suit. Cody, do something with the hair because I want him to look hot, not oily.

Source: SBS | Instagram & as tagged.


One thought on “Ji Chang Wook Shoots Character Stills and Promotes For Suspicious Partner with Nam Ji Hyun

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  1. Ayieee thank you for this update. Yes saw that hair, I agree with you it’s not that that we are asking for ahahaha, anyway, it still suits him right?

    Really looking forward in mid-May for this pinky rom-com!
    Fighting Suspicious Partners!


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