Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Attended First Script Read for Suspicious Partner


Say what, Ji Chang Wook (The K2) teams up with Nam Ji Hyun (Shopping King Louie) for the upcoming SBS drama, Suspicious Partner? Hell yes, I approve of this partnership. Looks like it isn’t the first time these two have worked together; they have previously met on the set for Warrier Baek Dong Soo. That is good news because it will help them get into their characters quicker when they have good rapport, and it would definitely be helpful should their characters fall in love.

Suspicious Partner is a rom-com that focus on the learning curve of Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee in regard to making sacrifices as they confront a world filled with prejudice. The story is about a murderer who suffers from amnesia, and tries to kill both our leads whilst they try to capture this murderer.

Ji Chang Wook is Noh Ji Wook—a man with good looks and has talents in various areas such as mathematics, music, sports and more. He became a prosecutor to fullfil his father’s dream, and due to an unknown incident, he became a private attorney.

Nam Ji Hyun plays Eun Bong Hee, who used to be a Taekwondo athlete and is now a prosecutor trainee. One day, she became a murder suspect. KPOP boy band, 2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung will make a special appearance playing Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend.

Choi Tae Joon (Missing 9) plays Ji Eun Hyuk, a lawyer and friend of Noh Ji Wook. Kwon Nara (Entertainer) portrays a prosecutor who returns from training overseas. She is reportedly playing Ji Wook’s former girlfriend who tries to win him back.

It’s hard to say at the moment how much romance there will be, because the last time I watch scriptwriter Kwon Ki Young‘s drama, romance was not the main focus. I like that there was still a loveline, and I was okay with the amount of it because I enjoyed watching Seo In Guk, Choi Won Young and Park Bo Gum battling out on-screen more than seeing In Guk romancing Jang Na Ra. Yeaps, that’s right. This Kwon Ki Young is the same Kwon Ki Young who wrote the crime thriller, I Remember You (also known as Hello Monster). The moment I saw the news Ji Chang Wook was handed a script written by Kwon Ki Young, I wanted him to take it. I don’t know if this script will be as good as I Remember You, but heck, it will most definitely be 10 times better than the script of Yong Pal and The K2. This drama will be directed by PD Park Sun Ho, who co-direct Legends of The Blue Sea with PD Jin Hyuk.

Suspicious Partner is scheduled to air in the Wed – Thu slot on May, 10. Oh my, Wookie made it into SBS’s Wed – Thu golden time slot! Hippy! Now all he has to do is:

  1. Act super well
  2. Utilise his eye-emoting skills whenever the script needs it
  3. Look awfully handsome in suit with yummy hairstyle.
  4. Kiss Nam Ji Hyun passionately so that it will make it into my Top Favourite Kiss Scenes post for 2017.

Shoot. I need to keep my expectation down. I need to keep my expectation down. I really need to keep my expectation down, because I always get disappointed when I anticipate TOO much. 😦

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One thought on “Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Attended First Script Read for Suspicious Partner

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  1. HI eukybear, I totally agree with you, finally JCW landed the golden time slot and reunite again with SBS. Plus I like the vibes of all the casting especially NJH and CTJ, wow I am really excited for this. And lastly, thank God we have a better writer…I incredibly love Hello Monster, the writing is exceptional. Hope that this Suspicious Partner will be loved by a greater viewing public.
    Thanks for sharing this update. Love it! Fighting for JCW and SP!

    Hope to see your future updates on SP.


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