A Swooning Post: Head Over Heels for CEO Ahn and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Park Hyung Sik has been making my delicate heart flutter with those gorgeous, beautiful eyes for the past two weeks. I noticed those emotive eyes since Hwarang, but he definitely kicked it up a notch in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. This is mainly because Park Bo Young has the magic in making her male co-stars automatically adore her and want nothing but shower her with lots of tender, love and care. I saw it from Jo Jung Suk when they worked together in Oh! My Ghost, and now I am seeing the same adoration from Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk.

I love how he completely ignore the public eyes and display his affection for Bong Soon after deciding on his feelings. I admire his clear honesty, although I don’t entirely agree it is right. By doing so, he puts Bong Soon in a difficult position, and people will badmouth and doubt her capability when she eventually is placed in the Product Development Team.

But who cares, those lovey-dovey, eyes-for-one-another only scenes are too swoon-worthy to worry about other things. My favourite from episode 11 had to be the lunch scene. Oh my lord. It was clear that uri CEO Ahn find everything Bong Soon does cute, LOL, and he has given up on trying to do otherwise i.e. as he’s constantly mutter to himself: “What am I do to with her?”

I also love how he didn’t bat an eyelid upon hearing what Team Leader Oh said about Bong Soon. Last week we still see him sigh, shake his head and cover his face of the absurdity. By this week, he has accepted all of her—her bests and her flaws, and adore her to bits. The smile, the adoration and lastly, the gesture of putting food on her spoon—goodness gracious, oh~be still, my fluttering heart, he isn’t for me to have.

But take my heart if you will, Hyung Sik-ah. The spot where Park Bo Gum is in my heart is now in grave danger if he doesn’t quickly come back with a drama. Quote from Bong Soon: “There is an expiration date for crushes.”

This scene is another heart-stealing scene too. I don’t think I even need to explain the reason why. That “What does it matter?” and the hug answer it all. In Gook Doo doesn’t stand a chance after this.

I was grinning from ear to ear when I see on my timeline how everyone was cheering and swooning at their first kiss scene. I fully understand the excitement and thought it’s about time too. However, thinking back, I do love how cautious he is with her and how precious he treats her. He could have kissed her in the hospital, but he didn’t because he knows her heart was still unsure. He could have kissed her in the seminar room too, but again, he waited. Uri CEO Ahn is a true gentleman; he waited for Bong Soon to fully open her heart and then he makes the move. Gaaaaahhh so sweet. But note that this only happens in dramaland. In reality, most men are animals rule by testosterones.

It is evident that Bong Soon has become very important for Min Hyuk from last week’s episodes. He puts her above his own life, and by saying “Thank you for appearing in my life” confirmed this. Apart from his mother, he has never loved anyone, but now that he found Bong Soon, and it is only natural that he wants to protect her, even though she very well can protect herself… and him. But it’s the heart and the thought that I find touching.

Episode 12 leaves me feeling very unsettled and unease. I wish we did not have to wait another week to find out what happen next. It’s not like I think it will end sadly, but there is a small part of my heart already aching for Min Hyuk, fearing for him something bad might happen to Bong Soon. Then there’s that other part of me, as a viewer, wanting to see him suffer. Because if Hyung Sik nail the emotions, think about all the Feels we audiences will get. I look forward to this satisfaction.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young make an adorable on-screen couple. Their height differences made them look even more endearing. I couldn’t be any happier of this pairing.

Behind the Scenes

Aigoo, love the BTS, hehe. Their bickering gives me smiles. The videos have English translations so that’s a plus!


7 thoughts on “A Swooning Post: Head Over Heels for CEO Ahn and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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  1. EUKYYYYYYY!!!!!! What did you sayabout PARK BOGUM losing a place in your place??? Why did you say such malduandwae thing??? OF COURSE that’s not gonna happen, okay? You have to stay loyal. WE have to stay loyal. even though we normally move from one man (sorry… celeb) to another, but we CAN’T do this to our hunny bunny Bogummie, right?? OOOH, he’ll be so sad if he hears this.. NOPE!!! You keep that place secured, alright? do anything. Rewatch his dramas and movies again. Find the most powerful adhesive gel available. I dun want to fangirl him alone when he’s back. or now. When he’s resting reviewing offers.

    BUUUUUUTTTT….. Omonaaaa! This drama is seriously dangerous for my health. At first, I actually didn’t quite like it coz Park Bo Young’s cutes were just not my style. So, I checked every next episode just outa curiosity (or so I said to my heart). But Park Hyung Sik!!! Even though he doesn’t do anything dangerous to my heart (Bogummie’s place there is just unshakeable, irreplaclable…sorry), but his reactions everytime BS did something cute just got me every time!

    PARK BOGUM, Euky. Keep..

    I feel conflicted with some of his behavior, actually. The professional side in me didn’t agree with him keep distracting BS when it’s clear that she really wanted to be productive. And also the meeting room. Aigooo… if I were an office worker there and found them getting touchy and kissy, I would berate them for doing those innapropriate things in the office. BUUUUUUUUT…. the roantic side in me just want him to swwop her off her feet and kiss her to no end. hahahhahah… ottokeee?

    Nah, I’m okay with Ep 13 become more dramatic and things become a little tough for our OTP as long as we are granted with loooooooooooonger and hooooooooootter kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssseeees at the end of the episode. hhehheheh..

    And yeah I agree with your his waiting for BS to make her move. God, that’s just so sweet of him. Can’t wait for Friday to cooooome!!

    PARK BOGUM. Keep..

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  2. Just have an affair with Hyungshik and dump him when Bo Gum graces our screens again 😀
    I can only see Hyungshik as Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk type of leading man till he proves otherwise.


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