U Weekly: Park Bo Gum — Answer Me, Hollywood


Singapore’s U Weekly issue no. 586 features Park Bo Gum on the cover as he accepts a private interview for the magazine.

The name ‘Park Bo Gum’ means “Holy Sword shining on earth”. Whether or not it shines on earth we shall not know, but one thing is certain, this “Bo Gum” (Literal translation: Precious Sword) is like a small sun that shines on countless girls’ hearts.

Park Bo Gum (age 23), along with Gong Yoo (age 37), Song Joong Ki (age 31) and Yoo Ah In (age 30) are now claimed as the “Four New Hallyu Kings”. In the eyes of South Koreans, Bo Gum always comes up in people’s conversation. Exuding full positivity with zero scandals; he is courteous and well-mannered; his signature smile is invincibly warm. Recently, South Korean media have also given him a new nickname — ‘National’s baby deer’ due to his deep and bright eyes seemingly giving off a sense of seduction, and once you are attracted by him, your heart unknowingly becomes kind too. It sounds rather exaggerated, but those that were baptised by the Holy Sword will tell you, it really is that healing.

My comment in blue: OMFG. Who wrote this? Not only it is exaggerating, it’s a tad too cheesy. It feels like she’s stealing the Healer’s tagline, and the fact that Bo Gum is Christian so she mixed them together and applied it on Bo Gum, LOL. Did the writer ate rojak* for supper when composing this article? *The term rojak also means “mixture” or “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay.

Healing Male God talks about Hollywood, music dream and discloses his wish for freedom…

Getting a little tired of everybody abusing ‘healing’ and ‘male god’. Last I checked, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook and a whole bunch of big shot male actors were also crowned as Male Gods. Just how many Gods are there? It’s so overly used these days that the term doesn’t even hold that special meaning it once had. Besides, Bo Gum worships God (i.e. the real one we can’t see), it’s a taboo in reference to this: ‘Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.’

Dream of Freedom: Please grant me some private space

Last year, Bo Gum had some really great achievements at various award ceremonies, he also took home Top Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, where he was touched to tears. In regard to his career success, he responded with modesty: ‘I am happy as well as grateful with what I have today. This award should be shared with the whole production crew, as it is not a glory that only belongs to me. I hope many years later when I look back, I will feel that I truly merit this award when receiving it at such a young age.’

Bo Gum debuted in 2011 movie, Blind, playing the female lead’s brother. He stood out when playing Baduk genius Choi Taek in Answer Me 1988, and leaped to become a trended Korean Male God as the domineering but affectionate Crown Prince, Lee Yeong in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

His rise to fame is described as ‘Park Bo Gum Effect’, and people perceive 2017 as ‘Bo Gum Year’. Upon hearing this, he is full of smile as he said: ‘First of all, I am really thankful people gave me this name. Whilst being grateful, I constantly remind myself the achievement I had today is all due to fans support. The description “Bo Gum Effect” has pushed my career to a high peak, made me realised, oh~ so I could have such ability. As for “Bo Gum Year”, hahaha, I hope so!’

Having been successful at such a young age, the 23 years old Park Bo Gum is not being engulfed by fame and vanity. With earnesty, he said: ‘Rather than stress, I would say it is responsibility. I wish I could do everything to the best with the best of my ability. A public figure is required to fulfil social responsibility, this is because the smallest matter is likely to cause a great influence. I hope to touch many more people’s hearts through sincerity, acting and my actions. These are the things I must work hard on.’

What is the biggest problem/distress after becoming famous? — Losing privacy.

Currently studying in Myongji University, he was disturbed during class with people sneaking pictures of him. Even with a good temperament and high EQ, the Male God could not help but sincerely ask the world to let him have his privacy.

‘As a public figure, I am grateful of the attention from the world, but sometimes it feels a bit extreme, I hope we learn to respect each other’s privacy and allow me to keep my private space.’

Hollywood Dream: Wish to enter Hollywood

Bo Gum’s English listening is rather good. The reporters use English throughout the interview, and he understood it all without the need of translation. Reporters complimented him for being good at English, he gave a bright smile and responded fluently: ‘Thank you!’ (The article indicated his pronunciation is spot-on and there’s even tongue rolling)

When he is asked to define himself, speaking in standard English, he answered within seconds: ‘Positive. Honest. Warm.’

‘Is it okay to say that? I don’t know if that’s how others perceive me, but that’s definitely how I see myself.’, Bo Gum asked and explained with a cute smile. At that very moment, all we could do were nod, because Bo Gum was right on the dot.

Having a solid English foundation, Bo Gum wishes to enter Hollywood upon seeing the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame in Los Angeles for a magazine photoshoot awhile back. With determination in his eyes, he shared: ‘I want to learn and improve my English, do well in acting and slowly expand my career geographically by entering overseas markets. If I could go to Hollywood some day, that would be awesome, and I really hope I could achieve this big goal soon, hehe. There are a lot of Hollywood stars I admire, and everyone has something worth learning from. I hope one day, when others see Park Bo Gum, they too, will say similar things like “He makes a great example!” or “I want to work with him!”

Music Dream: I want to compose songs for fans

At age of 5, Bo Gum began learning musical instruments. He is good at piano, flute, cello and etc. Although he humbly claimed he’s poor in piano, but in truth his level 8 skills stuns his fans every time he ‘serenade’ them with piano.

Dude, Bo Gum only learnt cello for drama Nae Il’s Cantabile, and he isn’t ‘good’ at it.

Having to dream of becoming a singer, he sent an audition clip to various agencies where he sang 2AM’s “This Song”. It was reported that the reason he chose this song is because he wanted to sing for his deceased mother, who passed away when he was in grade 4. Back then Blossom Entertainment first signed a contract with him as an idol trainee, but after some consideration, they believe he is more suitable for acting. They told him even if he changed his career path to acting; he can still sing for drama OST or ending theme song.  They will also allow him, who major in musical theatre, to fulfill his singer dream by singing for musicals. Sure enough, Bo Gum soon received all kill on the music charts after participating in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ OST—‘My Person’— where fans fall deep into the charm of his voice.

When there’s time on the set of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Bo Gum and B1A4’s Jin Young would compose music together using a phone app. Jin Young complimented him for having ‘sense’ after listening to the melody he had composed. Once in a personal interview, Jin Young revealed that: they chatted a lot, and that Bo Gum really loves music and have also played piano for a long time. Bo Gum’s eyes would start to sparkle when they talk about music. They have made a promise they are going to collaborate in the future.

When asked about his dream of becoming a singer, Bo Gum said: ‘At the moment there is no specific plan of releasing an album. I am already very thankful I had the chance to sing for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ OST. Next I would like to learn more about producing music, as well as getting to know more about the BTS of producing. Hopefully in the future I can compose a song as a gift for my fans!’

Can this gift be free? It’s not a present or gift if fans have to pay for it, no?


During the interview, words such as thank you; grateful; appreciation always come out of his mouth. He believes that saying thank you more often would lead to an increase of things to be thankful for. He hopes to become a good person that brings positive energy to others.

At the press conference, before leaving, Positive baby did not forget to bow and express his thanks: ‘Thank you all for coming! Bless you!’ — unmistakenly a 100% warm boy.

Cha Tae Hyun from Blossom Entertainment also praises him: ‘Uri Bo Gum is like an angel without wings.’


Lastly, this article’s writer commented Bo Gum is a Male God that would do anything if something is requested of him and that seeing is believing.

Note: In the latter sentence ‘seeing is believing’, the writer played with Chinese words where in Mandarin Chinese, ‘見’ (see) has the same homonym as ‘劍’ (sword). Unfortunately in English, this word-play is lost in translations.

To see BTS video of Bo Gum in U Weekly, head to >> U Weekly

Source: U Weekly | Facebook | IG | Twitter


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  1. I love Bogum bec,he loved God and people
    his sincerity and warm hearted attitude is captivating, May you enjoy good health and great project to come .Stay blessed and remain grateful and humble. ❤❤❤


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