Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is Coming Soon


Hallelujah. Five more days, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will premiere on jTBC. The more promotional stills and videos I come across, the stronger my interest is in this drama. This upcoming fantasy romantic comedy stars Park Bo Young (Oh! My Ghost), Park Hyung Sik (Hwarang) and Ji Soo (Fantastic)—no reason to miss because I like all three of them, plus, it’s rom-com and fantasy.

Park Bo Young plays Do Bong Soon, who is physically a little girl with super-human strength. One day she is hired as a bodyguard to protect rich and spoilt chaebol, Ahn Min Hyuk, played by Park Hyung Sik. Ji Soo plays In Guk Doo, Bong Soon’s one-sided crush and a rookie detective. I read some where that there will be co-habitation of the 3 of them, and that the bromance is going to be a little sizzling hot in da house too. *Wolf-howling* — can’t wait!

Preview Trailers

Meet the Character — Do Bong Soon

I’m delighted Park Bo Young has decided to do another drama. She’s so talented, and I love how adorable and cute she is in real life and as Bong Soon. ❤

Meet the Character — An Min Hyuk

Regardless of how terrible Hwarang had been, I think Park Hyung Sik still shine portraying King Jinheung / Ji Dwi. At times I even thought he stole some of Park Seo Joon’s thunder. But you know what, I hope this is the drama for him to win me over completely. Okay, even if he doesn’t, I’m still putting him in my bias list anyway. LOL!

Meet the Character – In Guk Doo

LOL, looks like Ji Soo’s fans will cry again this time because he still isn’t going to get the girl.

The other casts include:

Bong Soon’s family

Do Bong Gi (Ahn Woo Yeon), Bong Soon’s smart twin brother.

Bong Soon’s Omma and Appa, Do Chil Goo (Yoo Jae Myung) and Hwang Jin Yi (Shim Hye Jin). Hahaha, Yoo Jae Myung reunites with Park Hyung Sik again. He plays Hyung Shik’s royal servant and bodyguard in Hwarang, LOL.

Kong Bi Seo (Jeon Seok Ho) plays Min Hyuk’s secretary. Pwahaha, annyeong Assistant Manager Ha of Misaeng.

BWAHAHAHAHA, what the hell am I seeing below. I don’t believe Min Hyuk is gay, but I’m totally enjoying the tease!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon premieres February 24 on jTBC.

Source: Official Website | jTBC Drama FB | YouTube


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