Park Bo Gum Back On New Show Biz


I realise I’m late as I only saw this interview this morning between Park Bo Gum and New Show Biz‘s host, Natto (real name Lin Yu Chih). Late or not, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it is only a mere 10 minutes; however, I could feel Natto and his team’s sincere intention when it comes to treating him and welcoming Bo Gum’s return.

This had to be one of the reasons why Bo Gum felt so much more relax and enjoyed when he is in Taiwan. He is seen very comfortable with Natto and is definitely a lot more playful and easy-going during this interview. I think it is all thanks to Natto’s cheekiness and showering him with yummy food.

You can tell hosts such as Mickey Huang, Natto and Bowie Tsang understand the principle of hospitality (待客之道). I love that they go out of their way to break the ice and make friends and joke with the celebrities. Mickey’s and Bowie’s rapport with Bo Gum make the FMs really enjoyable to watch. For Natto, he knows Bo Gum loves food and is adventurous to try anything, so each time he prepares different types of food for Bo Gum. I really love that about Taiwanese hosts, and instead of saying stupid things like, ‘Are you eating some more?’, they encourage or allow Bo Gum to have as much as he likes. LOVE IT! It’s all about exchanging culture as well, and no doubt, if Natto visit South Korea, Bo Gum will welcome him warmly too.

I also love it when I can see the hosts have done their homework on the celebs they are interviewing or hosting their fan meets. It not only shows me their professionalism, but also they are hard-working individuals who take their work seriously—just like Bo Gum.

The above news report about Taiwan FM is hilarious and puts a smile on my face from start to end. Everyone is such a good sport, and I love the interpreter unni as well. She’s awesome and I notice she tries to convey Bo Gum’s tone into her translation too.


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