Gibberish-Blab: Tomorrow with You Episode 6


I thought episode 5 of Tomorrow with You wasn’t as interesting, and I was a little annoyed they introduced another twist in the future. But now not only I enjoyed the new mystery, I also feel bad for So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) after watching episode 6. He’s so caught up and concerned about their death in the future that he sometimes forget his present life and marriage with Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is what makes his future.

Yet I can’t fault him because if we are in his shoes, we would be lost in this mystery too. I honestly am surprised to see he could still fall asleep in the present. I would be losing sleep and constantly thinking of it every minute of my remaining life.

Ahjussi is beginning to irk me.  😡  I knew he is fishy from the very beginning, but I wasn’t sure whether he is a friend or foe. I still can’t tell at the moment, but I want to believe he is trying to help, in case he turns out to be Ma Rin’s father.

However, I don’t like him going behind So Joon’s back and meet with Director Kim. I also dislike he keeps secret from So Joon (and from us, LOL). We see So Joon does the same to Ki Doong and Ma Rin, but I don’t hold it against him because Ki Doong is not directly involved (as far as we know). As for Ma Rin, there are a lot of explanation required and the issue of whether she will actually believe the time-travelling part. However, So Joon is a time-traveller himself so whatever reason there is to hold back on So Joon does not stand with me. If Ahjussi’s reason of not telling is because of fear of meddling with the future and changing it for the worse, I am calling him bull shit, because it was his great ideas all along to seek Ma Rin out and marries her. The way I see it, if it involves So Joon, then So Joon should know about it if Ahjussi has good intention to change his or Ma Rin’s future. Only if he knows the whole truth that he can try to prevent it.

I feel terrible on behalf of So Joon for the part that he was stuck in the future, which he did go home, but just in the wrong timeline. LOL, poor thing. When I saw episode 3-4, I was puzzled if So Joon really loves Ma Rin when he marry her, but after 5-6, I believe he does and care lots about her. I see his sacrifices, I see him putting up with things that make him uncomfortable to make her happy. I see his good heart and good intention to want to protect her too. It’s a pity it isn’t enough if he wants it work out. At some point, he needs to be completely honest with her. Baby steps, I guess. The good thing about Ma Rin is she speaks her mind. If she continues to do that, eventually she will break through to So Joon.

Next episode preview showed So Joon telling Ma Rin he is a time-traveller. Yay to ousting the truth, but why do I get the feeling that it is to future Ma Rin he is being honest with? It just seems too easy and too early in the plot to reveal this… but it will be the first time I am happy to be wrong.

Lastly, I just want to spazz about the below scene because I love the BGM. I notice it is a fusion of Vivaldi’s Winter and Rachmanioff’s Piano Concerto No.2. Both are great musical pieces of all times, and the thunders add extra Feels and enhances Ma Rin’s major realisation, LOL!


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