Arena Homme+ Private Coverage of Grim Reaper, Lee Dong Wook


Fans of Lee Dong Wook, starts saving up because the Grim Reaper is appearing not only in March issue of Areana Homme+ but also Vogue Korea! It is said have 14 pages of Lee Dong Wook exclusive photos and interview in Vogue.

Lee Dong Wook has been around for years in dramaland, but I think one can’t argue his popularity reach its highest peak after portraying the Grim Reaper in Goblin. I, too, thoroughly enjoyed his performances, and loved the sparks and chemistry he had with Gong Yoo. Very rarely I enjoy special episodes release by broadcasting stations, and have very little patience watching BTS, but this time, I sat in front of my screen for two hours because I enjoy watching the bickering, ad libs and the competitiveness of them wanting to do their best in providing the best effect on screen. It put a grin on my face, LOL.

I am sure everyone by now know Lee Dong Wook had to ‘beg’ arrogant, big-shot writer Kim Eun Sook for the Grim Reaper role. In summary, she at first did not believe Dong Wook is suited for the role, so Dong Wook had to grovel for the role a few times before he got a yes. Note: I may have exaggerated the story by using words like ‘beg’ or ‘grovel’, but it really felt that way when I read the news. Anyway, in conclusion, I am happy he had proved her wrong. That said, it does make me wonder if this is the reason why Dong Wook thrived to stand out and gave his 200% as Grim Reaper. I can really see his competitiveness when acting against Gong Yoo. He keeps trying to act and show a contrast of his role against Gong Yoo, which makes the BTS very funny to watch—especially the scene where he had to crunch on the bitter supplements for several takes. I don’t even know if I should say ‘good job’ or ‘you’re trying too hard, dude’ and I laughed even more when Gong Yoo told him off for doing things he did not have to by the script, LOLLL. These two are just too cute. Would love that they work together again in a movie or something next. Anything!!! ^ ^

Source: Arena Homme Facebook | Vmeo | Instagram | Official website


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