Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page & Better Hair Style


I knew it! I knew Park Bo Gum could style his hair better. Doesn’t this hairstyle look so much more appealing, refreshing and neater? Showing his forehead is one of the tricks. If he beef up a little, with his looks and features, I sometimes imagine him as suitable for the role of Clark Kent aka Superman, LOL.

Judging from these newly released photos by Kakao Page, we should expect a second round of delicious Bo Gum attacking our screens soon. Those who secretly smooch the screen should make sure to remove your lipsticks this time, hehehe.

Source: Facebook | YouTube


One thought on “Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page & Better Hair Style

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  1. You’re ,strong>SOOOOO RIGHT, Euky! Bangless forehead is totally what makes these sights of him so so so so so much more appealing than the haircut he had been using for the past months. I have been thinking about that forehead as well. And… doesn’t he look so ‘namja” in this spread?
    The producers for this Kakao page has totally done their homework. Bogum looks the best! And it would be no surprise if he can bring in another millions of subscribers to Kakaopage. Bogum Effect after aaaaall.

    BTW, who smooched the screen with lipstick?? They must be outa their mind. <em?#hidingthelipstickaway


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