Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page


Last year in 2016, we had an outbreak of Park Bo Gum fever. A new year has begun, but the “pandemic” does not appear to have subsided, LOL. The residents of South Korea (or ahjumma?) still can’t get enough of this boy. Since he signed more new CFs, I had to update an old post; I counted that in total he has about 20-25 CFs under his belt between 2016-2017. This definitely isn’t the highest for a celebrity, but it is pretty damn good for where he is now in terms of star status. I vaguely remember big Hallyu stars like Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho have once reach 20-30s inclusive of local and international CFs. Now I am interested to know how many Gong Yoo will get after the success of Goblin.

Bo Gum’s fame puts me in a dilemma situation though. Yes I am happy that he is garnering attention of famous directors, producers and movie/drama investors, but on the flip side, he loses his privacy, being accused, getting stalked everywhere and even his friends gets criticised for taking an advantage of him. His fame and popularity double or triple the size of his fandoms, but it also complicates everything. These days we can’t simply browse the web for his news without seeing negative comments or fan/shipping wars. So stressful, LOL. When these happen, I really miss the good ol’ peaceful days.

Alternate link: Video

It’s now getting difficult to write a swooning post because this boy has waaaay too many CFs nowadays that I have officially run out of swooning vocabs to use. However, I’ll be more than happy to read your swooning underneath this post, LMAO.

Behind the Scenes

Source: Facebook | Kakao Page | YouTube


4 thoughts on “Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page

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  1. He is really adorable in his cf’s , I wonder if he felt uncomfortable him being this close to the camera. His cf’s these days seems to have same concepts.
    I agree with you, whenever I read articles about him or on sns I have to always restrain myself from answering the negative comments as it is pointless plus most of them are doing it on purpose for whatever reason we don’t know.
    Thank you for always writing about bogum. I always read your blogs 🙂 .

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    1. Yes, you are right. The concept is all getting upclose to his face. I’d love it if they do CFs with stories e.g. first VPROVE CF. But ultimately, I want him back on my screen ASAP! :p

      He’s so busy these days it’s tough to keep up by posting everything and keep a post interesting to read, so thank you very much for the support even if I can’t write all about him 🙂

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  2. Yes I like the old korean commercials where there were stories in it as if you were watching short film, there may be something about the concept that koreans respond positively that many advertising producers keep on using it. I will always support you, the way you write is full of admiration and at the same time being logical and rational 🙂 . Keep up the good work! You make me smile because of your lovely posts 🙂 .

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