Coffee, Tea or Gong Yoo?


The Maxim Kanu commercial that Gong Yoo shot in Sydney, Australia is released. Amazing the CF turns out so well when behind the scenes there were so much crowd and staff around watching him work. It would be so difficult to concentrate, but he’s look mighty handsome in it. There were many spoiler pictures on SNS for this ad because he was mobbed and stalked very badly that few days.

Just when we thought he’s done shooting, he’s spotted in Sydney again today! This time his schedule was all hush-hush. Nobody knew he flew out of South Korea or when he landed in Sydney until he was caught on camera in a café and at Sydney University.

I’m also seeing pictures of him at the beach holding hands with a woman shooting more CF. I’m so jealous of that girl, but I am still looking forward to the CF. That said, he really shouldn’t be working at all because Sydney hit 42.9 °C today! Now that the news of him in Sydney has gone viral, pretty sure more fans and non-fans will swarm his workplace. I can only hope he doesn’t visit any Korean restaurants this time for his own health and safety, and that he gets some personal space. It might be best to stay indoor tomorrow because heck, 39 °C is still very damn hot.

After watching the CF, I don’t think he needs to fly all the way to Sydney to film this, LOLLLL. Somebody explain to me why the need to go all the way overseas for this?

Below are old pictures of Gong Yoo filming previous KANU CFs. There are many more CFs he has filmed previously that can be found on Maxim KANU YouTube or official website as well. I particularly love this set because of the barista look, and his hair is beautifully styled.

Source: Maxim KANU Offcial website | Facebook | YouTube


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