First Impression: Tomorrow with You


Listening to Goblin’s OST whilst composing my first impression of Tomorrow with You is how I rejoice I finally have one promising drama I can look forward to each week. Tomorrow with You stars Lee Je Hoon (Signal) and Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus), is the tvN drama that follows after Goblin, so I expected it to uphold the same quality as its predecessors. The verdict is: I enjoy the first two episodes.

The most alluring aspect of the show is definitely the mystery surrounding Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) and the entanglement between him and Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah). When the show first presented the idea of time-travelling, I was immediately intrigued by the setup, and I am just as curious and puzzled as So Joon why he would die in the future together with Ma Rin.

At the moment, it is shown in a way that I feel like I am watching a spin-off of Signal where Detective Park Hae Young takes us back and forth between the present and the future with train instead of a walkie-talkie. Even though the mystery element of this show currently oozes Signal’s feel, I don’t see it surpassing the grandeur of Signal, or that it ever plans to. It is very likely to end up as just a fated love story between So Joon and Ma Rin with a little bit of fantasy element added to create conflict and spice the plot up.

Yoo So Joon lives in the present and the future, build his empire of real estate business based on what he learnt from the future. He carries the attitude of life is short, and does not give a shit to other people’s life, but he is determined to get to the bottom of why in March 2019 he and Song Ma Rin, a woman he does not even know will die in a car accident.

Song Ma Rin was a child actress, who has a one-hit drama, but never lives up to the fame, and is continually haunted by the whole nation passing judgment that she never live up to her glorious past. In the present, she struggles in pursuing her dream of a photographer.

Herein lies the unanswered mystery how So Joon seek her out from the point he finds out he dies with her in 2019. It is easy to assume Doo Shik ahjussi (Jo Han Chul) travelled to the future and provided that information. However, the future events are hazy and not completely laid out clearly for us because two things don’t add up.

March 2019 – Death of So Joon and Ma Rin

June 2016 – Ma Rin supposed to die from car accident, but So Joon saves her because he desperately wants to know her relationship with him based on the future.

If Ma Rin dies in 2016, then he would not have seen a future of himself with her in 2019. At which point in the future he finds out she died in 2016? Ugh, time travelling never fails to intrigue me, but always give me a headache trying to understand it.

I don’t trust Doo Shik ahjussi because we haven’t been told how he knows So Joon is a time traveller, and what bigger part he plays in this whole mystery. What is his story and how he began time travelling?

With all these questions, there is no reason why I would not want to continue this show. My only complaint is I am not buying into Shin Min Ah’s style of act-cute, and I hope she tone it down soon. Right now I am also not feeling Lee Je Hoon and her onscreen rapport. If they are to fall in love and heal each other’s wounds, I hope they will soon develop that chemistry in order to give us the Feels that are required in a romance drama.

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