Experience the Aura of Park Bo Gum


It’s swoooooooooning time! Lordy lord, those beautiful eyelashesssssss. Uri Park Bo Gum is selling laundry detergent this time. Let’s face it, the product is not the focus of this CF at all, hehe.

It’s the (black) hair, eyelashes, smilesssss that I’m interested.

CF #1

CF #2

CF #3

Don’t sit there looking so relax, because many female wolves are sitting behind the screen waiting to prance on you, dear.

Source: Shine @1993_0616



2 thoughts on “Experience the Aura of Park Bo Gum

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  1. I decided to give up for a new haircut. Coz those eyelashes distracted me.

    Sigh… how on earth could he make laundry detergent look so appealing??

    Now I wanna know if he can advertise salt, or MSG, or other mundane things.


    1. I saw the airport photo, and first thing I thought is, “Still hasn’t had a haircut?” and then I thought maybe he needed them to keep warm for winter, LOL! Hey, at least it’s back to black hair.

      And yes, he would still slay us all advertising household/mundane things coz clearly, we’re not looking at the products, are we?


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