English Translation of Fan Vid to Park Bo Gum ‘Oh! Happy Day’ in Taiwan


On January 22, 2017, Park Bo Gum held his second fan meeting in Taiwan. The one thing I most look forward to see was the fan-made video and surprise placards the Taiwanese fans have been secretly organising to show him.

Okayyy, I admit, I wanted to see him touched and cry again. LOLLLL~ And result shows it was a hugeeeee success! Everyone was touched to tears, even the hostess and the interpreter!

Song Joong Ki was the special guest and it looks to me both of them had lots of fun playing games with the fans. I don’t recall having heard of a 3-hours long fan meet from any celebs but Bo Gum’s (I can be very wrong, of course), LOL, but I am sure it’s time and money worthwhile for his fans.

It looks really awesome already even without seeing the clip. Taiwanese fans had made sure everyone held the same coloured fluorescent rods. Gorgeoussss! …and now, on to the special video presentation from Star Light Park Bo Gum Taiwan fan club. Prepare tissue papers or a hand towel.

Star Light Park Bo Gum’s Special Presentation for Bo Gum

Bo Gum, do you know yourself?
Let’s join us on a journey for the Discovery of Bo Gum!

First Stop: Zesty Bo Gum

Although your dancing steps are always the same set
But (we) still can feel your dancing spirit
We still like watching you dance! 💕

— Dancing King Park Bo Gum —

Second Stop: Bap Bo Gum (Rice Bo Gum)

Are the food really that delicious? *Getting caught eating Pelicana Chicken, LMAO!*
Seeing that satisfied smile of yours, we too, are full!
Eat slowly oh~~ *Bo Gum chowing down leaves*

Third Stop: Refuel Station

However, the energetic you, can also feel exhausted at times *Taekieeee*
Don’t forget, behind you, there are us… *cry baby in YOF*
… Forever be BOGUM TOUR’s Re-Fuel Station

*CRIES* ~ The moment we reach the third stop and saw Taekie with the first line of text, I have already teared up!

When we first met, you said: “Looking forward to us getting together again in an even better form/shape.”

Hi~ Bo Gum
How have you been in the past 9 months?

Thank you for abiding to our promise and return to meet us again in Taiwan
You once said you want to work hard becoming fans’ source of strength
But do you know?
You are already our pride! *Bo Gum receiving an award*

The sincere and attentive gaze you gave towards the fans
Made us felt your warmth
Often we thought: “Ahhh~ so I fell for such a great person!”

Because of your optimistic cheerfulness, made us gain the energy to face forward positively. *Ooopfff~ hot sweaty Bo Gum on threadmill*

Because of your pure kindness, made us believe this world is still beautiful *Awww…Taekie and Deok Sun*

Bo Gum ah

Thank you for always living life positively active, happy and healthily
Thank you for teaching us what kindness is
Thank you for everything (you gave us) *crying bogum*

You are a cool (멋있는) person
… is also an outstanding person
However, please promise us
you have to be this one person…

Placards from audiences appear as: “My Person”

Below is another clip from Star Light documenting Bo Gum’s reaction whilst watching the video to when he saw the placards.

Placards also changes to Bo Gum with an image of him in the middle. to Star Light Taiwan for giving him yet another unforgettable FM experience~!

Once again, just as before with Mickey Huang, it was all praises from the hostess, Bowie Tsang, about her hosting experience with Bo Gum. Well, she’s a fan and she openly admitted it that she liked Answer Me 1988. Hehehe. How can anyone not love Taekie and Bo Gum? 💕💕💕

Source: Star Light Park Bo Gum Taiwan Fan Club FB | Leung Maggie | Bowie Tsang FB | Korean Star Daily


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