Goblin to Release 2-CDs OST on Feb 25


How awesome was episode 13 of Goblin last week despite having us bawling along with Eun Tak? Pretty awesome how the story turned out in my opinion. As we reach the near end of the drama, so are the soundtracks. To end with a bang, tvN is releasing the Original Sountrack that consist not only the already released OST singles, it is also including the background music / themes from the drama. In total, we will get 16 tracks in the album. Hmm, what’s new? Wait, of course there is more!

The album is split into 2 discs — one that has all the released songs, and the other are of instrumental BGMs we hear from the drama, and here’s the special gift for fans: Gong Yoo’s sexy narration voice appearing in one of the music or musics (can’t be sure for now).

The album will also be released in two editions, apart from the outer packaging being different, there will also be difference in the little booklet included in it. However, it will be the same for the lyrics and photo booklets, in which they are separate. The photo booklet contains stills and never seen before pictures etc.

It is said to be worth the collection. HA! We shall be the judge of that. I would be very VERY happy if they also included the original singer, Lee Seung Joo, who sang ‘Beautiful’. And it would be extra awesome if they give out Mr. Buckwheat plush doll for free too. Hey, I gotta make sure my money is worthwhile, right?

Source: OSEN


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