Magazine M gives us Hot Goblin Gong Yoo


2016 is considered a really good year for my biases. Train to Busan and Goblin brought Gong Yoo back to the screen; back to me, and he is nothing but charming and full of awesomeness.

To be fair, the movie Train to Busan is really just a thriller movie with very little plot. To which I feel anyone can be in Gong Yoo’s spot, but for Goblin, oh-no… Gong Yoo and his chemistry with Lee Dong Wook is irreplaceable.

The succes of Goblin isn’t just Kim Eun Sook, but the casts and the crews. Kim Eun Sook did her best with delivering an intriguing story/characters, but at the moment, I am still waiting for her to impress me with a drama that has depth or substance. I wish Goblin is The One, but I don’t think it will be.

So the story may be lacking, but Goblin has won my heart over with the great rapport between the casts and their performances, and most importantly the cinematography and direction. The story and execution are crucial especially in the latter stage where the drama hit live-shooting, but I have faith in tvN and CJ Entertainment’s capability of not letting the quality of this drama deteriorate too much. After all, it’s a drama designed to celebrate tvN’s 10th anniversary, so you can’t let it go awry.

So here’s to hope uri hot Gong Yoo, the petty Goblin, leads his team to victorious success.

Source: Magazine M.


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