Memorable Kiss Scenes 2016

4. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Looking back on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, at times I wish it isn’t a coming of age teen drama. The couple is a beautiful pair, but the kissing scenes are lacking the ‘Omph‘.

4.1 Cheek Kiss

This cheeky cheek attack peck from Seja is the cutest. I think I love it more when Yeong is teasing Ra On instead of romancing her, LOL.

Sweetness Level: 🍬🍬🍬🍬

4.2 Finale Kiss

We didn’t get a hot kiss with lots of lips movement, but at least Bo Gum turns his head. I sound unconvinced, LOL. This scene made it in because of the backdrop and the atmosphere the characters are in, not because the actors in their roles gave a good kiss. I judge my fave kissing scenes  from all aspects e.g. the atmosphere, the backdrop and the emotions etc. Thus for this scene, I like it for the accompanying surrounding backdrop and atmosphere. Although there is very little lips interaction and the camera pulls out to do a far shot too quick, but it still beautiful and much better than their first kiss. Pity aside, it proves to me that a couple can kiss even if there is a hat in the way.

Pretty Level: 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Special Mention

Many would disagree with me, but this definitely is not a satisfying or good kiss. It’s awkward because all we see are the actors’ lips touching each others’ and freezes there for too long. It makes me unhappy, because I see the potential of it turning out much better than what we see.

However, it is getting a special mention because of how manly Seja was before the kiss. Grabbing Ra On by the waist was a hot move, and then shining that sweetest smile melts my heart when Ra On closes her eyes readying herself for the kiss, LOLLL.

Hotness Level: 🔥


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