Ji Chang Wook: A Sophisticated Gentleman in JLook


JLOOK — a fashion magazine which I have never heard of recently release pictorial of Ji Chang Wook looking like a sophisticated English gentleman. The photos are of B&W theme to which I quite like even though I prefer colours. Chang Wook has also accepted an interview with the magazine to which he expresses his thoughts on completing the drama, The K2.

Ji Chang Wook shares, ‘Makeup of sweat, wounds and blood are everyday’s essential whilst filming. This is a constant self-challenging drama. Although there are regrets, but still complete the shooting happily.

In addition, when being asked if he felt a sense of emptiness after completing a drama, he said: ‘In the past I will feel perplexed because of it, but now I will begin planning what to do next after a project is over. Because I really like reading comics, so recently I want to make a space that resembles a comic house at home.

The K2 may be over, but Ji Chang Wook has not completely disappear from the screen yet, because from next week onwards—Monday and Thursday—the Lotte web drama begins its airing, starring not only Chang Wook, but also other big names such as Lee Jong Suk, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Min Ho, Park Hae Jin, Lee Jun Ki, 2PM’s Taecyeon and EXO’s Kai.

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