Park Bo Gum’s Exclusive Interviews with Taiwanese Media


Update 29/11/2016: Added two more articles by Mirror Media & Apple Daily

Park Bo Gum is visited and interviewed by Taiwanese press today in Seoul because Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will begin airing on December 1 in Taiwan. Funnily, there weren’t any questions asked in relation to the drama, LOL, but I really don’t mind since we’ve read enough from the Korean press. There are a few new stuff, so let’s look at these interesting Q&As, albeit there are repetition, but I included it anyway because the description from the articles are different.

Other than the Q&A, seriously, no one should miss or ignore these gorgeously taken pictures by the press, or whoever this photographer is. Imma love him/her very much right now. LOLLL

Extracts from Mirror Media:


Park Bo Gum experiences explosive popularity due to Korean drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. There have been non-stop invitation for commercials and magazine photoshoots, but he still obediently goes back to class. He shares with the Taiwanese press in the interview that his private life is troubled due to fame. Recently he went back to class, and people keep snapping pictures with their phones; his manager had to accompany him to school and he has to wear a face mask. He said, “I know fans are curious about me, but a public celebrity is also a human. Fans’ disrespectfulness makes me a little sad.”


Although there were a lot of heart-palpitating scenes with female lead, Kim Yoo Jung in the drama, but the scenes that gave Bo Gum the deepest impression are the ones where he was acting against the king and Consort Park. In episode 3 when Seja and the king talk about their people’s pain, Bo Gum admits that he felt a slight heartache at that moment. The other scene was when Seja visited sick Consort Park, and she told Seja she isn’t getting better even if he visits her. Bo Gum thought about his mother who has passed away from sickness, and felt really sad.


Bo Gum was extremely excited about his trip to the US. He saw dolphins performance, went to TCL Chinese Theatre Walk of Fame for the superstars’ handprints; vistited Paul Getty Museum of Art, watched live NBA basketball game etc. As a big fan of Harry Potter, he went to Universal Studio, and recently watched the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As it was his first visit to Hollywood, Bo Gum said thoughtfully, “When I saw the big HOLLYWOOD sign, all of a sudden I feel I have a bigger and ambitious goal where I can work harder towards.”

Source: Mirror Media

Extracts from Yahoo! Taiwan:


He was excited and shared his trip about USA, but the article includes none of this. Tsk. He also said he regretted not learning Mandarin Chinese properly. When asked to choose between friendship and love, he hesitated for a long time before choosing love. This is because he can’t imagine seeing the girl he loves being together with his best friend. Note: Apple Daily wrote that he can’t imagine/visualise the girl he loves marrying his best friend. I’m not sure which is more accurate.


Being called ‘Male star with zero negative comments’, he expresses when he meets disrespectful or inconsiderate people, he does have times where he felt unhappy.


Bo Gum, who seems to value ‘respect’, also mention he is happy that fans all around the world now know him, but he’s also distressed that his private life is severely disturbed.


When asked whether there is anything he regretted recently, Bo Gum said ‘now, this interview’, because he thinks he did not learn Mandarin Chinese properly so he feels annoyed that he can’t communicate with the Taiwanese reporters directly.


Oh. This reporter did her/his homework. Recently during signing event, there are fans that were too nervous, resulted in Bo Gum ended up doing air handshake. Bo Gum expresses sadly that these sort of incidents have happened many times; he felt hurt, but due to time constraint, he can only ‘watch’ them leave. His funny answer made the reporters laugh non-stop.

LOL, is Bo Gum trying to guilt trip those fans who miss the hand shakes? I’m sure him saying he’s hurt is just a joke. Haha.


「乖乖牌」 Obedient/Goodie good Bo Gum is asked what’s the most rebellious thing he’s done. He thinks for a looong time; just when the reporter is going to ask the next question then he answered, “Not calling home and letting family worry.”


He was given a present from Yahoo! Taiwan, but there is no description of what it is except the gift is cute and multi-functional. Bo Gum was surprised and thankful. He also felt regretful: “I did not prepare gifts for you all and I didn’t expect you all to prepare gifts for me. I am sincerely grateful!”

Source: Yahoo! Taiwan

Extracts from Apple Daily:


Bo Gum said he’s thankful that due to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, many overseas fans have come to know him, but he feels a little bit sad that his private life is not being respected. ‘I am also human’, he said with a sincere and earnest tone. For the last sentence, I am unsure if he is the one who said he hopes everyone give him some private space, or Apple Daily is asking on his behalf based on the article.


After wrapping the drama, he went to LA for work, and also took the time for sightseeing. It was his first time in USA, “Everything is amazing!”, said Bo Gum with eyes wide open. He was most excited with the Hollywood sign, and told the reporters with excitement by hitting his own thigh, “I went there twice!” He also went to TCL Chinese theatre and saw all the superstars’ handprints. With determination in his eyes, “Suddenly (I) have a bigger goal, (I) hope to learn the language (English I suppose) well and has the opportunity to enter Hollywood.”

I’m not sure I want to support/encourage that since Asians, no matter what, never get good roles in Hollywood. They always end up playing a villain, but strangely, I do entertain and quite like the idea of seeing villainous Bogummy…


Since debut Bo Gum never had any negative scandal; his co-stars praise his personality and say he has no shortcomings, but has he done anything rebellious? He tilted his head and thinks for over 10 seconds until the next question was going to be asked, “Not staying in contact with my parents, or responded a bit late”, said Bo Gum all of a sudden. When he heard the reporters said that kind of thing is pretty normal, people do it every day, he answered seriously, “But the parents/family will be worried.” Apple Daily’s reporter expresses that Bo Gum is very fillial piety.


There have been fan-shared videos of the signing event which showed his handshake being ignored by fans on the internet. He was asked how he felt at the time, he laughed and said, “A little embarassed.”


A lot of fans get overly nervous after seeing their bias in person, so they forget to shake hands and leave after getting his signature. Bo Gum expresses shyly: “But I can’t call them back, so when these sort of situation happens, I use my eyes to send that fan off.”

 You’re so funny, Bo Gum-ah.


He reckons the hardest part in regard to portraying Lee Yeong is ‘feigining or put on an act’, and he seems to find the description ‘feigining/under pretense’ for Hangul difficult to convey, and suddenly looking all serious and started to explain the meaning. His reaction is due to feeling annoyed that he can’t speak Mandarin Chinese, and thus, unable to directly communicate with the press, and he also admits that at time like this, he is a little mad at himself.

Hmm… I suppose I can understand he tries hard to ensure what he says doesn’t get lost in translations.


In the drama, Bo Gum and Yoo Jung had many scenes that would make viewers’s heart flutter and blush—he discloses his favourite line is “Lee Yeong, that is my name” from the scene when Seja reveal his identity to Ra On—he was moved when he read the script. So were we! As for Kim Yoo Jung, her favourite scene is when Ra On and Seja were stuck in the pit. She hopes Taiwanese audiences will also like the drama.

Source: Apple Daily (1) (2)


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