Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Photo Eassy Published in Chinese


Update 2016.12.10: Announcement of pre-order gifts

*Hurray*~ for those who has missed out on that bloody thick photo book released by KBS for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, you still have a chance to grab a copy. Reading Times Taiwan [時報文化] has the copyright for printing, and will be releasing the Taiwanese version on December 30. They have planned for a pre-order on December 14 on various online shops.

The photo essay will be exactly the same as the Korean version, except the Korean writings will be printed in Chinese, and nothing else will change. The Korean version comes with posters and all other goodies, and so will the Taiwanese version. There will also be an additional gifts if we pre-order it. Instead of one like the Korean version, Taiwanese version will give out two.

The two extra gifts are KKTV 15 days VIP trial and an A4 L Clip of Lee Yeong and Ra On.

I am one of those blur people who did not even know there was a photo essay on sale until I saw some photos being posted on SNS. That said, I do not think I will get it because my love for a drama eventually fade, thus I don’t want to spend too much on something like this. I might regret it from time-to-time, but I know I’ll get over it. The best example right now is Answer Me 1988 Director’s Cut DVD, oh my god, I want to see those extra scenes/BTS.  😥

For your information, I have read that the quality of the photos vary in this photo essay for the Korean version. The owner said some are unclear like a 240p, whilst others are as clear as 1080p high definition. She doesn’t think it was worth the money to collect this photo book.

In conclusion, it is your decision on what’s worth it and what’s not. For me, I will be happy if one day some kind-hearted soul decide to share it, or I happen to chance upon a bookshop which might have a copy I could peek into.

在此特別來跟大家報告《雲畫的月光 寫真紀實》最新的消息!《雲畫的月光 寫真紀實》已確定由時報文化出版繁體中文版了!預計12月14日(三)00:00開始預購(屆時可在博客來、金石堂、誠品、讀冊、時報悅讀網、書虫、灰熊、Pchome等網路書店預購,等確定預購網址後,小編會一次公布給大家知道喔!),12月30日正式上市!

《雲畫的月光 寫真紀實》將完全比照韓版的規格製作,所以屆時大家拿在手上的,除了韓文變成中文外,其他都不變喔!雲畫小編特別提前曝光書中內頁,請大家好好欣賞!小編告辭!(退)



#《雲畫的月光 寫真紀實》12/14開始預購,12/30正式上市!

More Previews for the book found on another site

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